Mario Lopez Boyfriend? And His Shiny Leather Shoes

Mario Lopez Boyfriend? And His Shiny Leather Shoes. Mario Lopez and his boyfriend. Just joking. We actually don’t know who the guy is but they sure look kinda intimate. They’ve got smiley faces too. And lips that appear like they’re made for each other; they would fit really nicely, is what we’re saying.

mario lopez boyfriend

Anyhoo, we already know that Mario has probably the biggest biceps in the whole world but does he also have the shiniest leather shoes or what?

UPDATE: According to some of you, the guy’s name is Nick Adams and he’s apparently a popular model. In fact, if you google his name, these photos pop out. Like Mario, our Nick’s got a body with all the right bulges in all the right places. We’re talking about his six pack abs, okay?

nick adams mario lopez boyfriend

Well, his washboard abs and then some.

nick adams underwear

And then some more.

mario lopez boyfriend nick adams pants


Mario Lopez in People Magazine (posted 19 June 2008). Mario Lopez bares it all for readers of People Magazine. And he shows us how he bared it all. Nice one, Mario. We wonder what your “boyfriend” will say about that.

mario lopez nude people magazine

But let’s forget about him because here’s what we think: we give Mario props for believing in the “if you’ve got it flaunt it” motto but he should have totally bared himself and not strategically covered his “thingie” with them hands of his.

Mens Beach Shorts: Mario Lopez and His Weird Six Pack Abs (posted 18 June 2008). The only time a man can get away with wearing orange is (a) when he’s a member of Ananda Marga or whatever the name of the religious group that wears flowing orange robes and (b) when he, like Mario Lopez, wears orange shorts to the beach.

mario lopez washboard abs

Nice one, Mario. Really, really nice. Now, what about totally getting rid of them beach shorts to make your gay and gal fans happy. Seriously. Now, is it us or is there something weird going on with Mario’s famous six-pack abs? They don’t look sexy at all. And, to be honest, they remind us of a crumpled piece of paper that one tries to “un-crumple”. Maybe its just the camera angle, no?

Mario Lopez Boyfriend? And His Shiny Leather Shoes. Posted 28 July 2008.