Marc Vidal and Josh Elliot Sitting on a Tree

Marc Vidal and Josh Elliot Sitting on a Tree. Our evil friend Deena wants us to post these photos of Marc Vidal and Josh Elliot. Because we are powerless to disobey her commands, obey we must. There. Deena, your wish is granted. Now, stop bugging us, will yah!

Anyhoo, Famewatchers, who of these two “actors” would you bring home to mama? Marc or Josh? Josh or Marc? Or both of them? Do they remind you of Abercrombie and Fitch models? Marc is Abercrombie and Josh is Fitch. It’s a perfect match made in heaven.

marc vidal and josh elliot

Anyhoo, in a perfect world, we will be bringing both of them home. Hehe. But if we have to make a choice we will be going for Marc Vidal just because… he’s kinda cuter. You agree, right?

Well, here are some photos of Marc Vidal for those of you Marc superfans. Don’t worry Josh superfans, we will be publishing his photos too later.

Marc, who hails from Moravia in the Czech Republic, is as cute as a button. You’ve seen him without any clothes on but he can very well be a fashion model, don’t you think? He sure can give those male supermodels a run for their modeling money.

mark vidal

Want more Czech hunks like Marc? Check out our post on these Czech Male Underwear Models.

marc vidal hot

Now, as promised, let’s bring you more photos of Josh Elliot. This Slovakia hunk (he’s born on September 1984 in Bratislava) is definitely a cutie too. He’s got boyish good looks, for sure.

josh elliot hot tank top

He’s gorgeous in white jeans. [Are these two sharing their fashion tips? What’s up with their love for white trousers?]

josh elliot adult model

Anyhoo, who’s taller between Marc Vidal and Josh Elliot? Marc is reportedly 6 feet while Josh is reportedly 183 cm. Haha. Maybe some of you can convert that damn feet into metric. Anyhoo, who’s got the longer schlong between these two? Well Josh reportedly has 19 cm. While Marc has, well, we actually don’t know. But you have seen his other photos, right?

Marc Vidal and Josh Elliot Sitting on a Tree. Posted 15 February 2009.