Manu Bennett Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend Photos

Manu Bennett Shirtless Update. Who wants more photos of the gorgeous Kiwi actor that is Manu Bennett? All of you? You are all raising your hands. Okay, here are photos of our hunk from his early days as an up-and-coming actor. From top to bottom, these images are from the TV series Paradise Beach where he played the role of the Speedo-wearing Kirk Barsby (see images in our original post below), next pic is from a stage production of Lady Chatterley’s Lover where he played the gardener Mellors aka the aforementioned lover, and then a gorgeous pic of the guy posing for a magazine photoshoot. Oh, by the by, for more of the actor, you should go check him out on Instagram @manubennett.

Manu Bennett shirtless in paradise beach

Manu Bennett shirtless body as kirk barsby in paradise beach

Manu Bennett young in lady chatterleys lover 1996 pic by Matt Irwin

Manu Bennett shirtless in jeans

We mentioned in our original post below that he was dating girlfriend Karin Horen. They actually went on to tie the knot but eventually partied ways. Here’s a copy of the ex-couple — who are the proud parents of three children — back when they were together.

Manu Bennett wife Karin Horen ex split 2017 three children

Is Manu Bennett Gay or Straight (26 April 2016). He is straight and in a relationship with girlfriend Karin Horen but he ain’t afraid of getting intimate with a dude as he does in these photos with Spartacus co-star Liam Mcintyre.

manu bennett gay or straight - gay with liam mcintyre

How cute are these two? At the premiere of Spartacus: Vengeance in Hollywood. We’re pretty sure these images are what prompted the the denizens of to rate Manu as a “highly gay” dude.

manu bennett liam mcintyre gay - spartacus vengeance - hollywood premiere

Anyhoo, Manu Bennett got in trouble at Comic Con last year because he hit a man who insulted Manu’s girlfriend and baby mama. The Daily Mail has the details:

It was reported by The Newcastle Herald that the the man allegedly attacked by Manu had made remarks about Karin Horen, the mother of the actor’s three children, and her battle with cancer.

Underbelly actor Matt Nable claimed to have witnessed the incident, telling the Herald that ‘[Bennett] was very, very offended about what the man had said to him.’

‘What he did was out of character but he was obviously very offended by it,’ added Matt, referring to the alleged insult thrown at Manu before the altercation.

If we are men and someone insulted our woman, we’d do the same thing that Manu did too. In fact, we admire him even more for defending his girlfriend.

How beautiful is this guy? We agree with our friend Deena that he is the total embodiment of a man’s man. Manu as Crixus in Spartacus.

manu bennett body - spartacus

Manu Bennett young and shirtless

Manu Bennett loincloth spartacus

The beautiful Manu as cover boy for Men’s Health Magazine.

manu bennett mens health cover boy

A man and his horse. Manu as Sinbad in the 2011 TV-movie Sinbad and the Minotaur. Want some shirtless guys riding horses?

manu bennett shirtless - sinbad

A shirtless Manu as Slade Wilson or Deathstroke on The CW series Arrow.

manu bennett shirtless - slade wilson deathstroke

And we are gonna end this post on Manu with this photo of a younger version of the actor wearing a pair of Speedo swimsuit. This one’s from an Aussie TV show called Paradise Beach which was aired back in 1993/94. Back then, Manu went by the name Jon Bennett. We’re glad he eventually opted for “Manu” because it is unique and more badass.

Manu Bennett speedo in paradise beach

Manu Bennett speedo in paradise beach2

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