Male Model in Leather Pants and Underwear: Ryan Bertroche

Male Model in Leather Pants and Underwear: Ryan Bertroche. American male model Ryan Bertroche wears the most fabulous leather pants (and underwear too) in these editorial photos by noted fashion photographer Doug Inglish for Numero Homme China’s with leather outfits from the latest Fall/Winter 2012-2013 men’s leather wear by top designer brands such as Giorgio Armani and Givenchy. Odd how we automatically associate the words “noted fashion photographer” with ex-ANTM judge Nigel Barker.

Ryan as a shirtless god in leather pants. What’s not to like? Okay, we’re loving the big classic hairstyle, the leather trousers is gorgeous, the shirtlessness is awesome but we are not liking that soda/beer can. It looks out of place. Hehe. We’re obviously making a mountain out of a molehill, aren’t we?

male model in leather pants crocodile

Looks like Ryan just really freed himself from really a really big chain which looks like . Looks like this photoshoot was inspired by the legend of Prometheus, the Titan who was chained by Zeus to a rock for his “sin” of giving fire to humans.

male model in leather pants ryan betroche

Oh wait maybe this photoshoot, with its bondage hints, was inspired by that fan-fiction-turned-controversial-novel Fifty Shades of Grey which is reportedly going to be made into film that may or may not star Ryan Gosling.

male model in leather pants and underwear

It doesn’t look like our Ryan has a Robert Kardashian-like bubble butt but he’s still rocking his leather trousers, doesn’t he?

hot male model in leather pants

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male model in leather pants

That’s it for now fellow LeatherWatchers. Ooops, we almost forgot. We gotta include this photo of our Ryan in his leather briefs underwear too.

male model in leather underwear

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Male Model in Leather Pants and Underwear: Ryan Bertroche. Posted 9 September 2012.