Male Celebrity Sweatpants: Famous Men Wearing Tracksuits

Male Celebrity Sweatpants: Famous Men Wearing Tracksuits. We know you are looking for more sweatpants for men, so we decided to bring you some male celebrity sweatpants. Or, in the words of our friend Deena, “famous men like David Beckham wearing them some hot sweatpants”.

So let’s start with the gorgeous English footballer who seems to have the ability to either begin a trend in men’s fashion or catch on to it. Here’s a shirtless Beckham posing in his H&M sweatpants.

male celebrity sweatpants - shirtless david beckham wearing hm sweatpants

Our next male celebrity sweatpants model is Nick Jonas who is described by Deena as “once very famous, then he became irrelevant, then is now again famous”. Seriously, he is the only Jonas Brother who’s made it back and is on his way of becoming a solo star.

If you are wondering, Nick is wearing a pair of Bottega Venetta sweatpants in these photos from Details Magazie.

male celebrity sweatpants - nick jonas wearing bottega venetta sweatpants

Third in our list of shirtless famous men wearing sweatpants is our imaginary model boyfriend Garrett Neff who posed for Indonesia’s Da Man magazine wearing his Alexandre Wang sweatpants.

hot guys in sweatpants garrett neff

Ahh, Ryan Guzman. You just keep on delivering the goods, don’t you? Well, we gotta thank you for doing so.

famous guys wearing sweatpants - ryan guzman3

Our fifth male celebrity sweatpants wearer is the talented and gorgeous actor that is Charlie Hunnam. We’d like to think that the 50 Shades of Grey movie will have been a much better movie if he remained as the lead actor. Want some Charlie Hunnam Underwear?

hot men in sweatpants - charlie hunnam

Here’s Ludacris working out in his sweatpants. Hot damn! He should wearing nothing but sweatpants (with his undies peeking out as in the pic) in his next Furious movies.

black guys in sweatpants ludacris

A shirtless Channing Tatum in sweatpants taken from when he was younger. He was thinner then but he’s got some abs. Which Channing do you prefer? The muscled Channing in Magic Mike or Channing the twink?

celebrity guys in sweatpants channing tatum

A shirtless chef in sweatpants. Can someone ID this guy already?

famous men wearing sweatpants

Okay, let’s end our post on male celebrity sweatpants with Zac Efron playing basketball in his sweatpants. We think this pic is from the movie Neighbors but we ain’t 100% sure.

guys in sweatpants zac efron

So who of these shirtless famous men in sweatpants is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.

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