Male Celebrity Leather Pants: Who’s Got the Best Fashion Style?

Male Celebrity Leather Pants. Who of these men rock their leather pants the best? Well, let’s check them out first. Then you can tell us your favorite in the comments.

Let’s begin our list of male celebrity leather pants with our favorite ANTM/DWTS winner evah, Nyle DiMarco. He’s the cover boy of the upcoming issue of Attitude Magazine and in posed in leather pants and leather vest. Ain’t he sexy? [Want more mens leather pants?]


Next, let us check out Blue Lucky Smith and his leather pants (from the H&M Menswear Collection) at the 2016 Met Gala.

male celebrity leather pants - blue lucky smith by h and m

Among high-profile celebrities, Kanye West earns the distinction for being the most likely to wear leather pants. Here’s Kanye in one of his leather trousers get-up. For those of you wondering, Kanye’s leather is by En Noir. You can have it for $1399.

male celebrity leather pants - kanye west - by en noir

Do you want a pair of leather pants that is likely to catch everyone’s attention? Then go for a red one like the one Justin Bieber is wearing below. The outfit is by Balmain. Last time we checked, Balmain leather pants go for €2,000 to €2,500.

male celebrity leather pants - justin bieber by balmain

Of course Vin Diesel wears leather pants. He is THE Vin Diesel after all! As the king of social media, he can wear anything he wants. And we are pretty sure he’s gonna rock whatever he wears.

male celebrity leather pants - vin diesel

Probably our favorite male celebrity leather pants would be the one Brandon Urie is wearing below. We like it because it looks fit and smooth unlike Kanye’s leather pants which tend to be saggy and crumply. We also love the fact that it is not overly designed, you know, no pockets and zippers and what have you everywhere.

male celebrity leather pants - sexy brendon urie

We also love this leather pants on actor Austin Peck.

male celebrity leather pants - skintight leather on austin peck

So which of the above male celebrity leather pants is your favorite? Want more men in leather? Then go check out our posts on male celebrity leather underwear.

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