Male Celebrity Body Waxing List: Famous Men Who Had Their Bodies Waxed

Male Celebrity Body Waxing List. Who of your favorite celebrities had their body hair removed through body waxing? Well, we made a list for you and it starts with one of our favorite actors in Hollywood.

Harrison Ford. Harrison is not having his body waxed simply to show off some smooth skin. Rather, he is doing it to draw public attention to the ongoing — and seemingly endless — deforestation of rain forests. Is this the coolest reason for male body waxing or what?

male celebrity body waxing - harrison ford

Robbie Williams. Here’s the British singer getting his back hair waxed. Photo is courtesy of his wife Ayda Field who shared a video of the body waxing procedure that her husband underwent.

male body waxing side effects - robbie williams

Wayne Rooney. Of course, their won’t be writing a male celebrity body waxing list if the English football icon didn’t have his body waxed. As we noted in an earlier post [see: Male Body Waxing Side Effects], people argued that Rooney, a-la the bibilical Samson, lost his football skills after he got rid of his body hair.

male celebrity body waxing - wayne rooney

Simon Cowell. The British musical Svengali had his entire body — you know, including his nether region — waxed a few years ago. Very much the reality star, he underwent the procedure under the glare of the camera which recorded his body waxing adventure.

male celebrity who had body waxing - simon cowell

Jason Mesnick. Apparently, Catherine Lowe made Jason Mesnick undergo some body waxing on Celebrity Wife Swap. Details from People Magazine:

In a sneak peek, Catherine, 29, takes Jason, 39, to a waxing salon in Seattle, while Jason and Molly’s daughter Riley, 2, spends some quality time with Grandma.

“Being the man of the house and looking good for your job is part of the deal,” says Catherine when they arrive at the salon. “Are we really waxing my chest? Oh my God,” Jason says. “Does Sean wax his chest?” “He shaves it all the time!” the Bachelor alum says as she ushers him into the room.

Please tell us we’re not the only ones weirded out by this. Hehe.

male celebrities who had body waxing - jason mesnick

Steve Carell. Check out Steve Carell getting his hairy chest waxed on the 40 Year Old Virgin.

male celebrity body waxing - steve carrell - 40 year old virgin

Reggie Yates. This British actor and presenter had his body hair waxed when he participated in the Six Pack Challenge.

male celebrities body waxing - reggie yats

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