Male Celebrities Wearing Overalls

Male Celebrities Wearing Overalls. Are you a fan of men in coveralls and you’re not content with the Brody Jenner coverall photo we published earlier? Well, you are kinda lucky because we bring you more men in coverall / overall photos. First, we’ve got Ashton Kutcher during his younger and more shaggable days in the photo below.

mens coveralls 2017 - celebrity edition - ashton kutcher

Then here’s Grammy-winning rapper Kid Rock (birth name: Robert James “Bob” Ritchie) walking down the street in his shirtless overall outfit. Want more hunks in men’s coveralls? Well, go check out these Aviator Coveralls for Men, okay?

mens coverall celebrity 2017 edition kid rock

Thirdly, here’s rocker Tommy Lee (he with the big wang) with then-partner, Pamela Anderson.

mens coveralls fashion - tommy lee

And here’s a young Brad Pitt looking gorgeous in his denim bib overall.

male celebrities wearing overalls - brad pitt

Denim Mens Coveralls (posted: 09 December 2009). Can any of you Famewatchers help us settle the debate between Kevin and Deena as to the identities of these black men in coveralls? Deena insists that the one above is a young version of Will Smith. On the other hand, Kevin is insisting that the guy is actually Jamie Foxx (also the young version). Who do you think is correct?

mens coveralls - jamie foxx or will smith

At least we’ve agreed that the guy is a celebrity. However, we are also debating whether the guy wearing denim coveralls in the above photo is the same guy below. We’re a bit confused.

black mens coveralls - jamie foxx or will smith

Mens Coveralls Celebrity Edition: Brody Jenner, Reality TV Star (posted: 23 September 2009). Reality TV star Brody Jenner rocks the working man’s blue-collar look in this mens coveralls photoshoot for Details Magazine.

mens coveralls 2017 - celebrity edition - brody jenner

He may be a lucky brat who’s famous only because his parents are famous (that’s what his critics say anyways) but you gotta admit that the boy is looking good even when he’s going for the dirty look. So its no wonder that girls and some guys are into him.

mens coveralls 2017 - celebrity edition - brody jenner2

Who wants to get down and dirty with Brody Jenner, raise your hands please? See, we told you. There’s, like, tons of you raising your hand. Who wants to rip that coverall off Brody? Wow, tons and tons of you would like to do that, huh?

Mens Coveralls Celebrity Edition. Posted 23 September 2009. Last updated: September 12, 2022 at 9:16 am.