Male Celebrities in Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants

Male Celebrities in Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants: Mens Fashion Watch. Time for another rundown on famous men and other celebrities who is loving them their tight trousers or skinny jeans. Leading the pack is male fashionista David Beckham who dazzled his football fans in China when he conducted a football clinic there recently.

tight pants celebrity - david beckham in china

He also dazzled his fashion fans across the internets who are amazed with his shapely bum.

tight pants celebrity - david beckham

Damn. We’d like our beau to wear pants like that if his behind is that shapely. Hehe.

tight pants celebrity - david beckham in china

Take three of David in his tight-fitting trousers. Now, another British dude who was spotted looking good in his skinny tight trousers is Kieran Hayler. Who is this Kieran Hayler, you ask? He is Katie Price’s new husband. Should we start feeling sorry for him because he’s now shackled to this awful lady?

kieran hayler tight jeans

Do British guys really love them their skinny jeans? Turns out that our third skinny-pants-wearing celebrity is another Brit: Harry Styles of One Direction.

harry styles skinny jeans

Tight pants like these are supposedly bad for one’s health and could reduce a guy’s sperm count. If we are the British health minister, we would be kinda worried about the future of his nation. Haha.

Another British hunk, Jamie Campbell Bower [see more of him in our post on Celebrities Wearing Diesel Jeans] is going for the skinny too.

Jamie Campbell Bower skinny jeans with gf lily collins in nyc

In the US of A, celebrities recently spotted in tight pants include Zac Efron and Famewatcher favorite Dave Franco. Are these two buddy-buddies now? Nah. They’re just shooting a scene for their movie, Townies.

guys in tight pants - zac efron dave franco in townies

Take two for Zac in his skinny tight trousers.

zac efron skinny tight pants - townies

Take two for Dave who’s rocking his jeans and leather ensemble at the Hollywood Walk of Fame where his big brother James got a star. There mom must be very proud of her two sons flourishing Hollywood career.

Are skinny jeans still in style? You bet it is! Proof is the fact that top men’s fashion designers keep on producing skinny trousers for their product lines. For instance, check out this jeans from the J Crew menswear collection for Fall/Winter.

skinny jeans for men 2013 - jcrew - nyfw fw 2013-14

Skinny trousers by Michael Bastian seen at the New York Fashion Week FW 2013.

skinny pants for men - michael bastian collection NY - fw 2013

Last but not the least, check out this retro suit from Tommy Hilfiger (also seen at the FW 2013 NY Fashion Week).


Cool skinny trousers, huh?

Male Celebrities in Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants: Mens Fashion Watch. Posted 2 June 2013. Updated 28 December 2019.