Male Body Hair Removal: The Simon Cowell Exhibit

Male Body Hair Removal Guide: The Simon Cowell Exhibit. Want to see how men get their body hair removed? Here’s a photo demonstration by none other than The Simon Cowell, probably the vainest man in modern history. Hehe.

First of all, there is the anticipation.

Then there’s the preparation.

male body hair removal simon cowell

Next is the application.

simon male body hair removal

We’re still on the application part.


Then there’s the pain.


And, finally, the happy ending.

So what do you think of this male body hair removal Simon style?


Man Boobs: Simon Cowell’s Secret Weapon?
03 September 2009

simon cowell manboobs

Do you have man boobs and are wondering how you got it? According to a BBC story, these are the possible causes to excessive male boobs:

  • Pubertal gynaecomastia, common in boys, sees breast tissue grow due to hormonal imbalance
  • In most boys it disappears by end of puberty
  • Breast growth can be side effect of drugs used to suppress prostate cancer
  • Can be caused by genetic condition like Klinefelter’s Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Anabolic steroid use

If you’ve got moobs, you should be comforted that you’re not the only one who’s got them. In fact, some famous celebrities like Simon Cowell have equally famous moobs. Who knows, maybe Simon’s moobs are his secret weapon which made him one of the most successful TV personalities/producers the world has ever seen.


Earlobe Rejuvenation Surgery: As Wasteful as Simon Cowell’s B-day Bash?
05 October 2009

Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. What will those cosmetic surgeons think of next? We’re all for trying to maintain one’s youthful looks but an earlobe rejuvenation surgery? Seriously? We don’t know about you but we think this is as wasteful as Simon Cowell spending £1million to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Next thing you know, some surgeon out there will be selling a procedure to keep our fingernails and toenails youthful. In fact, we’re betting ten bucks that fingernail/toenail rejuvenation surgery is going to happen in the next two years. Agh, this pro youth/anti-aging industry is really, really getting out of bounds.

Now, getting back to Simon Cowell’s wasteful birthday celebration, are we the only ones who hoped that it was struck by lightning? From the Daily Mail:

Yes, Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party was excessive and in riotously poor taste. There were half-naked dancing girls, magnums of Louis Roederer champagne, shark tanks in the loos and retro-canapés of margherita pizza and prawn cocktail.

Simon, Simon, we love you as a judge but what’s up with the ostentatious display of wealth? Do you have a small dick and you’re trying to compensate for its smallness? Heh.

Male Body Hair Removal: Simon Cowell Exhibit posted 2 December 9. Updated 25 February 2017.