Madewell Leather Jackets and Boots: Celebrity Fans – Buying Guide and Tips

Celebrities Wearing Madewell Leather Jackets. Not surprisingly, Natasha Romanoff (aka The Black Widow) isn’t the only famous girl in the world who loves to wear fabulous leather jackets by Madewell. True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) and actress January Jones were spotted wearing Madewell leather jackets. Check ’em out.

Sookie/Anna is wearing a double-breasted Madewell leather moto jacket.

madewell leather jackets on celebrities - anna paquin - trueblood

Meanwhile, here’s January Jones rocking her black leather bomber jacket.

january jones - celebrities wearing madewell jacket

Of course, we should not forget Natasha Romanoff who wore this belted leather bomber jacket in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Wanna see the leather jackets of the rest of the Captain America gang? Go check out our earlier post: Black Widow Leather Jacket.

black widow scarlett johanson leather jacket - winter soldier2

Madewell Leather Jacket Price Buying Guide. How much should you pay for a Madewell leather jacket? Well, the website for the brand ( currently lists two leather jackets in its collection which you can buy for US$495. A leather vest is available at a lower price or US$398.

Celebrities Wearing Madewell Leather Boots. Want to look badass and yet stylish and chic? Well, one thing you can do is to get yourself a pair of Madewell leather boots. Check out the following celebrities you are rocking their Madewell boots.

Aside from the fact that they are actresses, what do Joy Bryant and Katie Holmes have in common? Madewell leather biker boots, of course. Here’s Joy looking fab in her boots during what looks like a Madewell event.

Joy Bryant wears Madewell Biker Boots

Meanwhile, here’s Katie looking not-so-good (maybe she had a bad night) but her Madewell boots are fabulous. According to, you can have a pair of this biker boots for $248. [Oops, its sold out at the moment.]

Katie Holmes and Madewell Biker Boots

Another famous face spotted wearing Madewell boots is New Girl star and hipster It Girl Zooey Deschanel. Check her out as she rocks her gorgeous Madewell Watchtower Boots.

madewell leather boots - zooey deschanel

And here’s Zooey wearing a pair of Madewell The Archive Boots.

zooey deschanel wearing madewell archive boots

So how much should you budget if you want to buy a pair of The Archive Boots? If you want a regular cut, you can buy one for $298. A pair with an extended calf is priced higher at $318. Watchtower boots are currently sold out but it may be available in the future for $325 according to the Madewell website.