Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Shirtless and Peekabo Underwear Photos. Let’s continue blogging about your favorite musicians and, this time, let’s check out the most famous duo at the moment, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Check out Macklemore in a Spandex onesie from the music video, And We Danced. Want more shirtless musicians? Check out these Pitbull Shirtless Photos.


Peekabo underwear from both Macklemore and Ryan.


Shirtless Macklemore with some fans in Hawaii.

macklemore no shirt - with fans in hawaii

Another shirtless Macklemore. He seems to be the more outgoing and more “revealing” of the two, no?

macklemore shirtless

Ryan Lewis goes shirtless too but he covered his shirtlessness with a sleeveless denim jacket.

ryan lewis shirtless

Macklemore and Ryan did some Q&A with the denizens of Reddit, here are some interesting facts they shared to their fans:

If you could have one song of yours go really big, a real hit that everyone in America heard, which one would you pick? Why?
Same Love. Out of all the songs on our album, it addresses one of the most important issues in society right now.

If you had one dream place to perform, where would it be?
Ryan: The Colosseum
Ben: Mainstage Coachella

What inspired you two to start working together?
Similar taste / criticalness to art.

Most of the time, there is an obvious inspiration or message for many of your songs like “Otherside” and “Wings”, but where the eff did “Thrift Shop” and “And We Danced?” come from?
Ryan — Both Ben and I love party music and mood music. Thrift Shop and And We Danced I think serve equal but different purposes as a Wings or Otherside. They make you feel good. Make you wanna dance and quit caring about what people think (of your lack of dancing skills) or go pop tags off a $2.99 button-up. These are things we also love about life :)

Plus I don’t like just making intense or slow beats. I actually love making up tempo sh*t too. I love pop, I love hard beats. I think if producing with Ben didn’t allow me to try a whole bunch of different sh*t as a producer it wouldn’t be quite as fulfilling of a career. We do what we want lol

Ryan, you’ve wrote that you can’t really read music, how does that work when you write parts for Owuor or for another instrument?
Ryan: I can’t read music. I can communicate decently, find an E on the piano, but I cannot read music like a lot of the people I work with who communicate through the score. So much of what I do with musicians is explained through emotion/texture. More often than not I’ll have written a piece and work on re-recording it / enhancing it live. The people I work with are brilliant and all read music, I do pretty much everything by ear.

Macklemore, do you have any advice for an inspiring hip hop artist? I’ve tried to write before but everytime I do I feel like its bad and sounds corny.
Macklemore: The biggest advice I can give anybody that is pursuing art, is be yourself. Be inspired, but never copy. Be original in thought and execute that originality. Work hard at your craft. If you want to “make it” in your field of creativity, there comes a sacrifice. When I’m in the studio my friends are out kicking it and going to shows. There’s times when I wish I was out there having fun, but in the long run this is what I want. To make art, to travel, and perform these songs. Dedication is #1. Dedication to progress. AND HAVE FUN. Remember why you started. Not to become famous but because you love it.

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