Mackenyu Shirtless, Girlfriend, Zoro in One Piece

Mackenyu One Piece Update. Two years later, the Netflix show One Piece which stars Mackenyu as Zoro is finally here. Well, we still have to wait until it drops at the end of the month but IT IS FINALLY HERE! Anyhoo, for the time being, here are screencaps from the show.

mackenyu zoro one piece2

mackenyu zorro one piece

Another update about Mackenyu is that, apparently, he is now very much married. She is not a celebrity and he is keeping her wife private, so let’s keep it that way too, shall we? More from his media release last January this year from Tokyo Hive:

“At this time, I, Arata Mackenyu, would like to announce that I have gotten married. From now on, we will continue to support each other while spending precious time together. I will devote myself to deliver dreams and inspiration to more and more people. It would make me happy if you would watch over us warmly.”

Mackenyu Shirtless, Girlfriend, Zoro in One Piece (22 November 2021). Aside from Taz Skylar, another actor who will be starring in the Netflix remake of One Piece is Japanese hunk Mackenyu. Specifically, he will be playing the role of Zoro who, according to wikipedia, “has a stern, serious, and distanced personality… and often reacts in a goofy and exaggerated comic style due to his short-tempered and impatient attitude.”

mackenyu as zoro in onepiece

Though some of you may not be familiar with the guy, Mackenyu has actually been active in the biz since 2014. Actually, he appeared in two other TV shows (specifically Astro kyûdan in 2005 and Oyaji in 2007) but it was in 2014 that he seriously pursued a career in acting. To date, he starred in 43 movies and television shows including the 2018 Hollywood movie Pacific Rim: Uprising where he played the role of Cadet Ryoichi.

Mackenyu Shirtless Photos. For the hoes among us here on Famewatcher, here are shirtless photos of the actor screencapped from his acting projects as well as one we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @mackenyu.1116). Oh, we also included photos of him working out in his tank top shirt because why not, no?

mackenyu shirtless photobook

mackenyu shirtless in one drive

Mackenyu muscles in overdrive

Mackenyu workout

Mackenyu Girlfriend. He may be dating Japanese actress Natsuki Omamoto. We say “may” because they two have not confirmed that they are in a relationship but they’ve been spotted together.

mackenyu girlfriend Natsuki Okamoto

More about Mackenyu and Natsuki from “Rumours are abuzz that top actor Mackenyu Arata is in a relationship, and o further investigation by fans and entertainment portal, they have concluded that Mackenyu Arata is dating none other than Natsuki Okamoto. How did they get to this conclusion? Well, you see, Mackenyu Arata and Natsuki Okamoto were spotted together in Okinawa in the spring of 2020, and while the country was under lockdown, they ignored the same and decided to go on vacation causing a bit of a scandal. Mackenyu Arata and Natsuki Okamoto are yet to confirm these rumours. And if there is any truth to these rumours, fans are excited to see them together.”

Mackenyu as a Male Model. Aside from being an actor, Mackenyu is also a model who inked endorsement deals with the likes of male makeup brand Gatsby and Tiffany jewelry.

mackenyu girlfriend or wife

Mackenyu Arata tiffany brand endorsement

Mackenyu’s Father is Sonny Chiba. The 25-year-old actor is no stranger to the biz because he is the son of legendary Sonny Chiba who is arguably one of the earliest Japanese actors who made a mark in Hollywood; among others, he starred in Kill Bill and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Unfortunately, Sonny passed away due to COVID in August this year.

mackenyu dad sonny chiba

Mackenyu honored his dad by posting the following photo and the following message on Instagram: “No matter where I am, you’ll always be in my heart. Love you so much Dad.”

mackenyu sonny chiba

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