Mackage Leather Jackets For Girls: Michele Trachtenberg and Blake Lively

Mackage Leather Jackets For Girls: Michele Trachtenberg and Blake Lively. Today in our women wearing leather jacket watch, we bring you two celebrities who loves them their Mackage Leather Jacket. First, here’s Michele Trachtenberg looking lovely in her black hip-length Mackage jacket which, as far as we can tell, looks like its as long as her dress. Okay, the jacket is lovely but the dress, not so much for it looks too much like an archery target. Maybe Michele is begging cupid to shoot her with his arrow?

mackage leather jackets for girls michele trachtenberg

Now, you’ve already seen Blake Lively wearing her green leather jacket, but here’s another photo of the Gossip Girl star in her Mackage leather jacket.

celebrities wearing mackage leather jackets for girls blake lively

Who between these two lovely girls is rocking her leather outfit? We are liking Blake’s better because we are too distracted by Michelle’s “archery target” dress. Seriously Michelle, there’s too much going on with that short dress. It is, to use the words of our friend Deena, too busy like a bee.


Black Leather Jacket for Girls: Hip Length Mackage Leather Jacket
07 February 2010

mackage leather jackets for girls

Looking for black leather jacket for girls? Check out this chic hip-length Mackage leather jacket. Celebrities who’ve been spotted wearing a Mackage leather jacket include Michele Trachtenberg and Blake Lively [see above post] as well as singer John Legend but his jacket is brown rather than black — see Mackage Leather Jacket for Men.

Now, if you want any black leather jacket made by other brands or labels, you might want to check out our post on the Olsen twins and their Givenchy leather jacket or Kristen Stewart and her Jean-Claude Jitrois leather. If you are a dude looking for black leather jackets, check out our post on Taylor Lautner and his Diesel Least outfit. Or, better yet, go read our earlier blog post on famous Hollywood celebrities rocking their sexy men’s leather jackets.

Mackage Leather Jackets For Girls: Michele Trachtenberg and Blake Lively. Posted in Female Celebrities Wearing Leather Jackets.

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