Luke Pasqualino Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight

Luke Pasqualino Shirtless Photos Update. It’s been 12 years since we first blogged about him back in 2009 and our Luca sure has managed to establish a foothold in the acting biz.

To date, he’s got a total of 19 acting credits to his name and these include the BBC series Our Girl, the BBC drama The Muskeeters where he played the role of D’Artagnan, and the Bong Joon-Ho critical hit Snowpiercer. This year, check him out in the upcoming Netflix series Shadow and Bone where he plays a recurring character.

Anyhoo, here are recent photos of the British actor which we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @lucapasqualino.

luke pasqualino shirtless instagram

With Phoebe Dyvenor who was his co-star on the TV series Snatched. Phoebe is one of the biggest stars these days courtesy of the show Bridgerton which is a worldwide hit on Netflix.

luke pasqualino shirtless body

We do not know where the next image is from but we are including it here for those of you who are fans of male celebrity chest hair.

luke pasqualino body chest hair

Luke on the centerfold of Cosmo Magazine when he was younger. We cropped out the naughtier bits, sorry.

luke pasqualino body cosmo centerfold

Looking gorgeous in the shower.

luke pasqualino hot in shower

Looking hawt in his uniform, this one’s from the TV show Our Girl.

luke pasqualino hot uniform in our girl

Shirtless on Snowpiercer.

luke pasqualino body snowpiercer

With co-star Chris Evans.

luke pasqualino shirtless in snowpiercer with chris evans

A shirtless photo of a younger Luca.

luke pasqualino young shirtless model

Luke Pasqualino Girlfriend? According to the Entertainment Daily, Luke is currently single and available. He used to date actress Maddison Jaizani but they broke up after two years of dating.

luke pasqualino girlfriend 2021 - ex Maddison Jaizani

Luke Pasqualino Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight? (12 May 2017). We are updating this post to bring you some Luke Pasqualino shirtless photos. Here’s one from a magazine which honored him as the Torso of the Week.

luke pasqualino shirtless

He ain’t gay, for those of you wondering, but he did share a manly kiss with Skins co-star with Jack O’Connell.

luke pasqualino gay kiss jack o connell

Back in 2014, it was announced that he’ll be starring in a gay film, Retake, where he’ll be playing a male prostitute. We’re not sure what happened to the project.

Does he have a girlfriend at the moment? According to, he dated Perrie Edwards (2016), Jessica Szohr (2011 – 2012) and Klariza Clayton. Meanwhile, The Sun reports that he was spotted with a mystery brunette in January 2017.

Let us end this update with these Luke Pasqualino shirtless and underwear photos:

luke pasqualino underwear boxer shorts

Luke Pasqualino: The Next Big Star? (posted 28 February 2009). Is Luke Pasqualino, of the cult drama Skins, the next big star? Looks like he’s got the chops to make it, no? Here’s some of this lad’s thoughts from an interview with The Sun:

On Skin alumni Dev Patel’s success:
“We are all benefitting from Dev’s success in the USA. When you tell people you are in Skins, they literally think the sun shines out of your proverbial. All of the cast were treated really well out there and we met hundreds of important people.”

On Skin’s popularity:
“It’s a popular show because it’s real. It’s not polished or preachy and its post-watershed timing means the storylines can reflect the real lives of teens – the ones which happen in every town, in every school.”

“I don’t think the themes encourage drug taking or underage sex – they just throw in something new to a TV show – ideas that really challenge our acting skills and gain us our cult following.”

On being bullied as a young lad:
“It sounds ridiculous, but a group of lads bullied me for years literally because my mum used to make me wear really polished and shiny shoes.

“It might seem crazy but I was 13 and looking back it really affected me – I used to dread coming into school and would clam up when my mum asked me what was wrong.”

On his support for Txt StandUp, an online anti-bullying initiative:
“It’s a website created for young people that can be used almost like a social networking site. You can get advice from a third party, or chat to other people that have been through the same bullying experience – it’s a great place for young people to go when they feel like they can’t speak to their parents or a teacher.”

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