Luke Mitchell Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Luke Mitchell Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Last night, we watched the new sci-fi show The Tomorrow People on The CW mainly because we want to see our imaginary Canadian boyfriend Robbie Amell [see Robbie Amell Shirtless]. We’re happy to note that Robbie ain’t the only beefcake in the show because there’s also a handsome curly-haired guy who’s playing the role of Robbie’s (or rather his character’s) male guide/protector.

luke mitchell sexy washboard abs

We found out that his name is Luke Mitchell, that he is Australian, and that he is not averse to going shirtless. Yay! Look at them sculpted washboard abs! It’s a perfect 10!

luke mitchell shirtless sexy six pack abs

He is gorgeousness personified, no? Our 28-year-old Australian hunk is also not averse to acting in his underwear. Double yay!

luke mitchell underwear - boxer shorts - front

For those of you wondering about the label of that boxer shorts he’s wearing, the next photo tells us that its something called Davenport. Never heard of it before. Is it an Australian underwear brand? Look at our look texting all serious in his white boxers underwear.

luke mitchell wearing underwear only

So let’s recap what we found out about Luke Mitchell, shall we? He doesn’t mind getting photographed with no shirt. Yay! And he also does not mind performing in front of cameras in his underwear. Double yay. And there’s a third thing we should also be Yaying about: He also does not mind playing LGBT roles. Triple yay. Here’s Luke with a fellow actor Joss Mars in a LGBT-themed movie called Performance Anxiety about the quirky romance of a messy, hippie musician and a tidy and almost obsessive office worker.

luke mitchell performance anxiety movie

Is Luke Mitchell gay? Nah. He is straight and just got married to Aussie actress Rebecca Breeds in January this year. Here’s a collage of their wedding photos.


The newly married couple co-starred in the Australian TV show, Home and Away, and started dating in 2009. Congratulations, lovebirds!

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