Luke Macfarlane Boyfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos

Luke Macfarlane is a Hallmark Hunk. Who says gay actors cannot be leading men in straight romantic movies? Certainly not one of the few Hollywood actors we admire for his courage — the gorgeous Luke Macfarlane.

Since we first blogged about him back in 2013, the actor — who came out in 2008 or a time when actors are too afraid to come out — has became a regular leading man for the Hallmark Channel.

From what we gathered on wikipedia, the hunky actor began his career as a Hallmark hunk when he starred in the 2014 TV movie, The Memory Book.

luke macfarlane gay leading man - hallmark movies

Since then, he starred in 10 other projects with the channel the latest of which is Taking Shot At Love where he plays a hockey player.

luke macfarlane taking a shot at love

From A Valentines Match:

luke macfarlane hallmark hunk - a valentines match

From The Birthday Wish:

luke macfarlane hallmark hunk - the birthday wish

So whether he is playing a leading man in a relationship with a gorgeous lady or a gorgeous guy, there’s no question that our Canadian hunk is hot, hot, hot, no? Some photos with onscreen partner Matthew Rhys from their Brothers and Sisters days:

luke macfarlane boyfriend

luke macfarlane husband

luke macfarlane husband2

luke macfarlane spouse or partner

Luke Macfarlane Boyfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos (8 June 2013). Let’s add to our Hollywood celebrity gay kisses with these photos of out gay actor Luke Macfarlane and Matthew Rhyss who play lovers on the now defunct television show, Brothers and Sisters.

luke macfarlane gay kiss with matthew rhyss - borthers and sisters

More kissing photos between Macfarlane’s Scotty Wandell and Rhyss’s Kevin Walker after the jump.

Scotty Wandell kevin walker - gay kiss

Take three.

Scotty Wandell kevin walker or luke macfarlane matthew rhyss - gay kiss

There is no doubt in our minds that Scotty and Kevin, as a gay couple, left a significant mark not only on television history but also on the world at large particularly because they were aired at a time when gay relationships are still the subject of debate. Good for the producers of Brothers and Sisters for voting to side with what is right.

By the way, did you know that TV Guide named Kevin and Scotty’s relationship as one of the Best TV Couples of All Time?

If you are a fan of Luke Macfarlane and have been following his career, you know that he is gay in real life having come out back in 2008 during an interview with Canada’s Globe and Mail. However, despite his coming out, some people do not know (or think) that our 33-year-old cutie is gay.

For instance, some 24% of the denizens of believes that he is straight: “According to 54 visitors Luke MacFarlane is 76% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Luke MacFarlane has been voted highly gay.”

Anyhoo, does Luke have a boyfriend in real life? That’s a question that’s been speculated about ever since his 2008 interview. Luke hasn’t said anything about having a boyfriend and this absence of info has prompted internetizens to speculate about who he’s dating. Some of those rumored to be his boyfriend include Wentworth Miller.


TR Knight was also rumored to be Luke’s BF.

Luke Macfarlane boyfriend - tr knight

Or maybe it’s this guy, Brant Daugherty of Pretty Little Liars?

luke macfarlane Brant Daugherty are they boyfriends

Or maybe this one? Can you ID him in the comments?

who is macfarlanes boyfriend - this guy maybe

What would you think if it turns out that Luke dated out actor Jim Parsons aka the crazy genius Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory?

luke macfarlane boyfriend is jim parsons

Time now for some Luke Macfarlane underwear and shirtless photos.

luke macfarlane boxers underwear

So Luke is a boxer briefs kind of guy, eh?

luke macfarlane underwear - boxer briefs

Take two of Luke in his boxer briefs.

luke macfarlane in short movie erctn

The third and final take of Luke Macfarlane in his underwear.

luke macfarlane underwear sexy

How effin’ gorgeous is this guy?

Luke MacFarlane young

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