Luke and Jai Brooks Shirtless: Janoskians Twins

Luke and Jai Brooks Shirtless: Janoskians Twins. Earlier, in our earlier post on the shirtless Grant Gustin, we mentioned that a celebrity will have made it big in Hollywood if he stars as the lead in a hit TV series. It goes without saying of course that a celeb also makes it if he stars in a blockbuster movie.

Now, how does one know that one is a celebrity? How does one graduate from being a wannabe-celeb to a bonafide one? Well, according to our CelebWatcher friend Kevin, you know that one has reached celebrityhood if a blind item is written about a person. If we go by that criteria, then Jai Brooks of the up-and-coming band Janoskians is now a true-blue celebrity, right? Check out this blind item written about him and a young singer. From Blind Gossip:

In conjunction with a local radio station contest, this very popular singer invited some fans to attend sound check and do a meet and greet with her before one of her concerts.

She sang a couple of songs for the group and then sat on the edge of the stage and held a Q&A. There were a couple of the usual questions about what inspired her music. Then it got ugly.

One rude participant started firing questions at her about the way the singer and one of her exes broke up. “He says you cheated on him! How could you hurt him like that? He couldn’t eat or sleep because of you! You ruined his life!”

Our singer kept her composure. She didn’t yell or burst into tears or walk off the stage. She waited for the fan to stop hurling insults and accusations and then responded very simply and quietly, “Oh, honey, I think his life was ruined before I ever met him. Next question, please?”

The site went on to reveal that the people in question are Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks! Who is Ariana and who is Jai? See, they may not be superfamous celebrities now but they are celebrities nonetheless because the blind item above made you interested in them.

Anyhoo, Jai is a member of a band called The Janoskians (short for Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) which is composed of Daniel Sahyounie, James Yammouni, Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, and Jai Brooks. They’re huge on Youtube which, if you remember your celebrity history, is where the likes of Justin Bieber and Lorde began their careers.

Oh, we should mention that Luke and Jai Brooks are twins (so we should have included them in our Shirtless Twin Hunks). We know that you love you some shirtless twins so here are photos of Luke and Jai with their shirts off:

jai and luke brooks showing underwear

A shirtless Jai gives his fans a peek at his underoos. It’s Hanes!

jai brooks hanes underwear - shirtless photo

The Brooks brothers, Beau and the twins. Photo makes them look slutty but if our boyfriend has a body like these guys, we’d like him to be slutty too. Haha.

jai luke brooks shirtless with brother beau

Apparently the Janoskians, like Luke in the pic below, sometimes perform in their underwear. Nice!

luke brooks briefs underwear - janoskians

All members of the gang on stage in boxer briefs.

janoskians underwear - briefs and boxers

Double underwear? We don’t get it.

The Janoskians Underwear Photo

Are the Janoskians Gay? If NSYNC has Lance Bass and other boybanders have gay members, who of The Janoskians is gay? None? All of them? Maybe Luke and his briefs? Haha. Our friends at have this gaydar reading for the band:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Janoskians: According to 35 visitors Janoskians is 60% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Janoskians is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Do you agree that the Janoskians are quite straight? If Bieber fans are Biliebers, what do they call fans of The Janoskians? If you know, do tell in the comments. Danke!

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