Luis Morrison Shirtless Footballer in Love Island


Luis Morrison Shirtless Footballer. Time for another hot guy in shorts. This time, let us check out former professional footballer Luis Morrison. Doesn’t he look good in his very short shorts? Way to go, baby!

Luis Morrison — full name Luis Morrison Derbyshire — is one of the contestants of the ITV reality show, Love Island. Before he joined the show, our 20-year-old muscle hunk played for the Stevenage Borough Football Club as well as the Umeå FC in Sweden.

luis morrison shirtless footballer on love island

We’re not sure if he’s totally given up on footballing because his ITV bio now lists him as an events company owner. We learn more about Luis in this Radio Times profile:

Ideal girl? “I don’t really have a general type. I like all type of girls. I like brown hair, a beauty model kind of look and also the Mexican look. The fake look I used to like – I tend to get a lot of attention from glamour model types – but I see the fake all the time. You don’t find natural beauty any more, you find the fake plastic look. I’ve slept with a lot of girls like that, but I don’t want my kids looking like plastic at the end of the day.”

Do you think you’re too young to settle down? “I’m young but at the same time, you can never be too young. My parents have been together since they were young. Who knows?”

Will you get steamy on camera? “I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it yet. Nothing really would stop me. It’s just my thought process thinking, ‘is mum watching’? I’m just going there with an open mind to see what happens.”

Have you been in love before? “I’ve been in love and been in relationships before. She looks like a Kim Kardashian kind of girl. It’s a horrible story – I fell in love with her, I was doing really well with football, but I found out recently that she told her best mate that she was only with me for the money. Then she did fall in love with me, she moved to Sweden with me and then after that, she was telling me lies. When I came back to England I found out that she did stripping. She said she worked in a casino but really she was a stripper and a glamour model.

Will you be competitive with other guys on the island, especially if they’re big and muscly? “It seems cocky, but I don’t really see guys who are big and muscly as competition. That’s not how I want to be. I want to look fit, but natural fit. I’m big as it is, but I’m not a body builder.”

How will you handle a love triangle? “I try and be number one with whatever I do. With football, with whatever. So I’ll try and woo her. 100% [I could win her over]. Why not? No point trying if you’re not going to win.”

On fashion: “My outfits are quite controversial. I guarantee you’ve not seen someone with leather pants like this. I normally buy my clothes from Camden – I mix different things with different things.”

Do you have your eye on the £50,000 cash prize? “It’s not about the money, if I’m honest. It’d be nice. I’d invest straight away and I’d give back to my mum and dad. That will give me happiness inside if I give money back to repay what they’ve given me in the past.”

luis morrison hot guy in shorts - love island

So there you go, fellow Famewatchers. He’s an interesting guy, no? We like the fact that he’s thinking of giving some of his possible prize money to his parents. However, we don’t like the fact that he is into Kim Kardashian. Hehehe.