Lucas Hedges Gay or Girlfriend, Parents, and Sweater King

Lucas Hedges Gay or Girlfriend, Parents, and Sweater King. Young actor Lucas Hedges sure loves, loves, loves him his turtleneck sweater, doesn’t he? It seems like he’s wearing one wherever he goes or whatever photoshoot he takes. For instance, here’s our young Lucas looking good in his sweater at a red carpet event.

lucas hedges sweater turtleneck fashion

Then he wore a similar, but different, turtleneck sweater in another event he attended with Manchester by the Sea co-star Casey Affleck.

lucas hedges sweater manchester by the sea

Our friend Kevin says we should call Lucas The Sweater Emperor. That has a nice ring to it, no? Yeah, we should call Lucas “The Sweater Emperor”. He loves to wear sweaters but, more importantly, he really looks good in them too. Anyhoo, here are more of our Lucas’ sweaters.

lucas hedges sweater king

Lucas Hedges Gay or Straight? He played a gay guy in the TV series The Slap (NBC) but, in real life, we guess he’s straight. Anyhoo, here’s Lucas in The Slap. [Update: He is straight according to]

lucas hedges gay in the slap

Lucas Hedges Girlfriend? What is his current relationship status? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Or is he single and looking for a squeeze. He is single according to But he did have two girlfriends in the movie, Manchester by the Sea.

Here’s Lucas and movie girlfriend – Kara Hayward – in a scene from the movie.

lucas hedges girlfriend kara hayward - manchester2

Hey, he’s wearing sweaters too!

Lucas Hedges Parents and Family. Lucas is no stranger in the movie biz. He is the son of Peter Hedges, a movie director/writer. It turns out that Peter wrote the screenplay for our favorite Leonardo di Caprio movie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Leo should have won an Oscar for that one.

Meanwhile Lucas’ mom, Susan Bruce, is a poet. Lastly, Lucas has a brother named Simon Hedges, who may or may not be a movie director (there’s one on IMDB but we’re not sure if its him).

Anyhoo, here’s a photo for Lucas Hedges, his parents, and his big brother.

lucas hedges parents - peter hedges susan bruce - brother peter hedges

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