Lucas Black Shirtless, Underwear, Red Dress, Awards

Lucas Black Shirtless, Underwear, Awards Update. Look who’s walking around town rocking a red dress? It’s our NCIS imaginary beau Lucas Black, that’s who! These pics are screencapped from the Insane in the Membrane episode of NCIS New Orleans where Lucas — or the character he plays Christopher LaSalle — and his pals participate in the annual Red Dress Run.

lucas black red dress - ncis new orleans

lucas black red dress

Next up in this update would be these shirtless photos of Lucas which are screencapped from the movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

lucas black shirtless body - towel - fast and furious tokyo drift2

lucas black shirtless body - towel - fast and furious tokyo drift

lucas black shirtless in tokyo drift

For fans of male celebrity underwear, here’s Lucas in his underwear from an episode of NCIS New Orleans.

lucas black underwear in ncis new orleans

We should note that Lucas has received several awards during the beginning of his career. Specifically, he won the Saturn Award, the YoungStar Award, and the Young Artist Award for playing the role of Frank Wheatley in the critically acclaimed movie Sling Blade. This also earned him an ensemble cast nomination at the Screen Actors Guild.

lucas black awards

Finally, here are pics of Lucas from his younger days.

lucas black young in deep water

lucas black young - friday night lights

lucas black young - with billy bob thornton

Lucas Black Calvin Klein Model (2 November 2014). Did you know that Lucas Black, the hawt and totally shaggable actor who plays the role of Senior Special Agent Christopher LaSalle on NCIS: New Orleans, used to be a Calvin Klein model? Nope, he didn’t go the Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg route dancing in his CK underwear. Which is a good thing because Lucas was a young one when he did his CK modeling gig.

lucas black calvin klein model

Ain’t he adorable? What do you think of his this Lucas black Calvin Klein 90’s style denim-on-denim ensemble?

lucas black calvin klein model - denim jacket and pants

From child-modeling, the Alabama native went on to establish himself in the acting biz. To date, he’s got 26 acting credits to his name including American Gothic, All the Pretty Horses, Fast and Furious, Friday Night Lights, and NCIS New Orleans. Check him out as Agent Christopher LaSalle looking cool in his black leather jacket. [Want more TV leather jackets? Check out these Vampire Diaries Leather Jackets.]


Hot damn! This guy sure knows how to model. Mama Tyra will be impressed because he’s smiling with his eyes. Smize, smize baby!

lucas black hot - ncis new orleans

Lucas Black as a football jock on Friday Night Lights.

lucas black jay hernandez in friday night lights

Want a Lucas Black shirtless photo? Of course you do! Here’s one:

lucas black shirtless

Did we hear you say, “Hamana, hamana, hamana”? Of course you did. So here’s another one:


Is Lucas Black Gay or Straight? He is straight and, since 2010, married to lawyer Maggie O’Brien. Here’s a pic of the happy couple:

lucas black wife maggie o brien

Lucas Black on NCIS New Orleans and Life as a Child Star. recently did an interview with Lucas who talked about his newest acting gig and being a child actor:

Zap2it: How do you feel about the expectations for “NCIS: New Orleans”?
Lucas Black: That’s what was cool about wanting to be part of this project, the original “NCIS,” the success they’ve had. We knew that we were being joined with a bunch of winners, and that’s what you want. This group, you know, the platform they set … we got a little pressure, but we’ll see how we respond.

For someone who’s still reasonably young, you’ve had a long run in the business. How do you look back at being in it for so many years?
Well, I’ve been very fortunate with the group of people I’ve worked with, and then the movies I’ve done. When I first got the “American Gothic” series, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. [It was) an opportunity that came up. I was a kid, and it was rough.

I mean, I was 13 years old, working a lot of late hours, and I was a little scared of TV for a while. That’s the reason I chose to do the feature films that I did for a long period of time. When this opportunity arrived, and they needed an answer very quickly, I remember it was like, I got the script and I had 24 hours to decide.

I really didn’t know much about the show, and after looking into it and seeing what these guys have accomplished on the original “NCIS” and then heard it was going to be filmed in New Orleans, (that) was a big attraction to me, because I grew up in Alabama. It’s close to home. That got me excited.

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers.

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