Louis Vuitton Underwear for Men: Fake or Genuine?

Louis Vuitton Underwear for Men: Fake or Genuine? “Does Louis Vuitton make underwear for men,” was the question Kevin asked when we mentioned earlier that the French luxury apparently makes men’s swimwear. (See our earlier post on Guys Wearing Bikini Swimsuits.)

Deena replied that it is very unlikely that the snooty French label, known for making stuff that costs an arm and a leg and which has consistently been named from 2006 to 2012 as “the world’s most valuable luxury brand” will “stoop down” to making something as pedestrian (Deena’s word) as men’s underwear.

Toby, on the other hand, insists that Louis Vuitton actually does make sexy men’s underwear because he has come across them being sold in some internet sites. True enough, when we googled (actually we Binged) for men’s underwear by Louis Vuitton we came across this one:

fake real louis vuitton underwear for men

And this one.

louis vuitton mens underwear

And another one.

louis vuitton underwear for men fake or real

Looks like Toby is right, it appears like LV does make men’s underwear. After all, there are tons of pictures of Louis Vuitton undies (incidentally, most of them are boxer briefs), so if we go by the rule that says “Pics or it didn’t happen” we have photo proof of Louis Vuitton underwear in real life. Right?

Not too fast, gullible Gretchen. The problem with the above pics of LV undies is that we didn’t find on the website of the company itself but on three sites that do not inspire confidence on the authenticity of the products being sold. Also, we went back to Louis Vuitton’s menswear collections for the past several years and we haven’t come across any underwear in them. Short shorts sure, but no underwear. Moreover, the Louis Vuitton website also does not have any undies in its menswear line. Not a dot. Not a speck.

louis vuitton mens swim shorts

So what do we make of this? We’ll we are going to agree with Deena that its very unlikely that Louis Vuitton makes underwear. We’re also going to say that the underwear pictured above must have been made by enterprising entities other than Louis Vuitton. So there! We hope we adequately answered your question, Kevin.

UPDATE on Louis Vuitton Underwear For Men: When you search for Louis Vuitton boxers, the prominent result that comes out is this picture of our idol Muhammad Ali. It’s an ad campaign he made with the luxury label a few years back. Want to see some Muhammad Ali Vintage Watches?

louis vuitton muhammad ali ad campaign

What a beautiful picture. It makes us feel good for some reason. Ali is one of those legends (that include Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Aung San Suu Kyi, the late Mother Teresa, the late Pope John Paul II, etc) who makes us think that humankind is still A-Ok despite our foolishness for wasting thousands of dollars to buy a designer bag — no bag is worth a thousand dollars is what our mother says — or our shallowness for buying fake goods with luxury labels plastered on them.

For those of you wondering, the boy is Muhammad’s grandson, CJ. He is the son of Laila, daughter of Muhammad Ali, who also managed to make a name for herself in the world of boxing.

Louis Vuitton Underwear for Men: Fake or Genuine? Posted 21 August 2012. Last updated: February 12, 2020 at 5:50 am.