Louis Vuitton Mens Tuxedo Suits: Celebrity Style Watch

Louis Vuitton Mens Tuxedo Suits and Dress Shirts: Celebrity Style Watch. American male model Ben Hill in Louis Vuitton tuxedo suit for men. You could wear something like this to your prom, or wedding, or formal events that call for tuxedo suits.

louis vuitton tuxedo suits for men ben hill

If you are going to a gay prom, you might want to go the unconventional route with this. Rebellious but still classy, huh?

louis vuitton tuxedo suits for men prom

For more men’s Louis Vuitton, check out Justin Timberlake’s Louis Vuitton men’s bag.


Celebrities in Louis Vuitton Suits for Men. Check out these Hollywood celebrities who were spotted wearing Louis Vuitton mens suits. They sure have good taste but they also have the money to buy good taste.

First up in our list is the sexy English actor that is Dominic Cooper who we last saw as Captain America’s best friend. We must admit that we cried when his character was made to fall from a train down to a deep icy ravine. Damn the Captain America script writer! Bring back Dominic in Captain America, please.

louis vuitton tuxedo suits for men dominic cooper

Anyhoo, our English stud is wearing a Louis Vuitton Dark Blue Wool and Mohair Suit above. Here’s what the suit looks like on male runway models wearing the LV suit from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. We must say that suit fits on Dominic pretty well.

celebrity louis vuitton tuxedo

Freddie Fox, another actor from Merry Olde England, is wearing a burgundy wool tuxedo which is also from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Menswear Collection.

louis vuitton tuxedo suits for men freddie fox

Finally, we have one of the most famous English hunks these days, Robert Pattinson, in another LV tuxedo suit.

robert pattinson louis vuitton tuxedo

Let’s have a closer look at the suit since its hard to focus on in that RPattz picture.

louis vuitton tuxedo for men

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Suits. Okay Famewatchers, which of the following suits from the LV suits is your favorite?

lv suits for men

louis vuitton mens suits

louis vuitton mens suits

louis vuitton tuxedo suits for men for summer

louis vuitton tuxedo suits for men spring summer

We’d still go for the classic black but we won’t be surprised if you pick one of the lighter colors which are actually appropriate for the Spring/Summer seasons.


Louis Vuitton Designer Men’s Shirt. Who says you cannot pair black shirts with black trousers? Not these gorgeous male runway models who look fabulous in their all-black Louis Vuitton outfits from the designer label’s Fall Winter 2011/2012 collection. Very classy, no?

designer shirt for men - black shirt and black trousers

And kinda sexy too.

mens designer shirt by louis vuitton 2011-2012 collection

classy sexy black shirts for men - louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton Mens Tuxedo Suits and Dress Shirts: Celebrity Style Watch. Post was originally published on 26 July 2010. Updated 23 May 2017