Louis Vuitton Mens Jacket or Coat: Stylish Winter Fashion

Louis Vuitton Mens Jacket or Coat. If you want proof that men’s fashion really don’t change that much, check out these photos of men’s outfits from the Louis Vuitton menswear collection from nearly a decade ago. Not much has changed. Same-O, same-O as Kevin would say. Want more mens winter coats?

Louis Vuitton Mens Jacket or Coat: Stylish Winter Fashion (posted 28 January 2011). Who wants some stylish winter bubble coats from the Louis Vuitton menswear collection as presented during the Fall Winter 2011-12 Paris Menswear Fashion Week? You do?

Of course, you do! Who says you can’t look chic and fashionable even while bundled up? Certainly not these model guys and certainly not us Famewatchers.

winter bubble coat for men

This hunk is cute and his bubble jacket is stylish but we can’t get over his vampiric whiteness. Twilight fans will, on the other hand, love him for sure.

winter bubble coat designer fashion

For celebrities wearing bubble boats, check out Tom Hardy’s Kathmandu bubble coat and Angelina Jolie’s bubble jacket.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Coats: 2011-2012 Collection (01 February 2011). Here’s more Louis Vuitton winter coats for the likes of our friend Steve who’s a Louis Vuitton fanatic (if there’s such a thing as a fashion fanatic).

louis vuitton coats for men guys dudes

Does Steve like these three coats seen during the recent Paris Fashion Week? Ugh, that’s like asking whether camels like water or whether George Clooney is a hottie? The answer, of course, is “Yes! Yes! And a Big Fat Yes!”

Louis Vuitton Mens Jacket

white designer coat for men by louis vuitton

Anyhoo, for more designer men’s coats, check out these Hermes double breasted coats and this Marc Jacobs jacket on Robert Pattinson.

Louis Vuitton Double Breasted Designer Coats: Autumn Winter 2011-2012 (03 February 2011). Like other high-end labels, Louis Vuitton has fabulous double-breasted coats for men who love them some double-breasted outfits.

designer double breasted men's coats

These ones are from the LV Fall-Winter 2011-2012 menswear collection featured during the recent Paris Fashion Week.

male model wearing double breasted coat

High cheekbones + Louis Vuitton + silly red sunglasses = superhot hunk.

Louis Vuitton Mens Jacket double breasted

For more Louis Vuitton fashion, check out this Louis Vuitton leather leather jacket, this Louis Vuitton Tuxedo suit, and Justin Timberlake’s Louis Vuitton bag.

Louis Vuitton Mens Jacket or Coat: Stylish Winter Fashion. First posted on 28 January 2011. Last updated: July 12, 2020 at 17:10 pm.