Louis Smith Shirtless Selfies: Hot British Olympic Gymast

Louis Smith Shirtless Selfies: Hot British Olympic Gymast. Want more shirtless guys with iPhones? Here’s British gymnast Louis Smith. Louis is a bronze medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. According to wikipedia, Louis is the second British male gymnast to win an individual medal in the Olympics (after Walter Tysall who won a silver medal in 1908).

louis smith shirtless selfies

He is also the second the second black male gymnast to medal in the Games (after American Jair Lynch who bagged a silver in 1996).

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What do you thing of the above Louis Smith shirtless selfies? Want more guys with iPhones? Or you might want to check out these hot male gymnasts instead.

Another Bronze for Louis Smith (12 December 2011). British gymnast Louis Smith secured another bronze medal but this time his medal-winning exploit is from the World Gymnastics Championship held recently in Tokyo, Japan.

In an interview with The Independent, the sexy gymnast acknowledges the funding they receive as crucial to the improvement of British gymnasts: “If you look at the men’s track record up until Beijing we weren’t up to much, we were coming nowhere in team competitions. But we started to get lottery funding in about 2006, and after Beijing it drastically improved, and you can see the difference it has made in the men’s team.”

Smith adds: “Each major competition we’ve been in we’ve improved, and we broke into the top eight in the world last year, which is just amazing. We’ve got Daniel Purvis and Daniel Keatings winning medals at world level now, Kristian Thomas all-round sixth in the worlds, Sam Oldham who is just 18 making the European Final on the bar, and it goes to show with the fundamental backing and belief an Olympic medal is possible.”

His thoughts on the upcoming 2012 Olympics which will be in his very own backyard? He says he doesn’t want to pressure himself.

From the Daily Mail: “My target has always been, and always will be, to go to a competition and do the best routine I can do. I’ve worked hard enough and I’ve got enough talent to know that if I do my best routine then I should get a good result and that’s all I can really expect from myself, to do a clean routine. Any more and I start to put pressure on myself.”

He adds: “I can’t think that (I can win gold). If I think that, I will mess up, 100 per cent. If I start thinking specifics that I could win gold here that’s it. Could you imagine the pressure from just doing a clean routine to ‘if I do this I can win a gold medal?’ It’s massive. London 2012 is the pinnacle. I’ll be 23 years old, the Olympics is in my back garden and I’m expected by everyone else to do well.”

Well, we wish Louis luck as he prepares for the Olympics. For more male gymnast check out our post on American gymnast Blaine Wilson and these blondie gymnasts in Blond Men Are Hot.

More Louis Smith Hot Photos. Oh boy, our Louis has become a legit celebrity in the United Kingdom. But he backed up his “celebrity-hood” with medals in international competitions. For instance, since we last blogged about him, he’s gone on win two Olympic silver medals (London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 for the pommel horse event) and a team bronze medal (London 2012).

Outside of gymnastics, joined and won the 2012 edition of Strictly Come Dancing and is doing lots of modeling in various states of undress to the delight of his fans like us here on Famewatcher.

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Seriously, who would not be happy seeing these fabulous photos. First, he makes the pages and the cover of GT Magazine looking great in his Speedo swimsuit.

louis smith underwear - Speedo

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He looks great in his boxer briefs underwear too.

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