Linus Thornblad Shirtless: High Jump Hunk in Spandex

Linus Thornblad Shirtless: High Jump Hunk in Spandex – Gay or Straight? Let’s add Swedish high jumper Linus Thornblad to our list of male celebrities who loves them their low rise jeans. Hmm, maybe we should also add him to our list of guys who love them their Calvin Kleins.

linus thornblad shirtless underwear

For those of you who are not familiar with this Swedish hunk, here’s his wikipedia info:”Linus Thörnblad (born 6 March 1985 in Lund) is a Swedish athlete competing in high jump. He won the bronze medal at the 2006 IAAF World Indoor Championships. Thörnblad started high jumping at age 16 jumping 2.06 m his first year. Two years later he jumped 2.30 m. Swedish media expect Linus to take over the throne of comrade Stefan Holm after the latter quit.”

Here’s a pic of Linus doing that high-jumping thingie:

linus thornblad high jump spandex

Update: Want more Linus Thornblad shirtless photos? Of course you do! Don’t we all? Good thing our Swedish hunk ain’t shy about chucking off his shirt!

linus thornblad gay or straight

Does he kinda resemble Jeff Probst in the photo below?

linus thornblad shirtless

Linus Thornblad in Lycra. Oh Mein Gut. We’re not sure if that Lycra bulge is real or whether a crazy Linus fan enhanced it but Oh my God. If its real, then thank heavens for whoever invented the lycra and for whoever made athletes wear them. Haha.

linus thornblad lycra spandex

By the way, the picture we published in our original post was from Linus’ photo-shoot for a Swedish gay magazine called QX which featured him in its cover way back in 2008. Is he gay or straight? He is straight but is supportive of gay rights and the LGBT community.

He did an interview with the mag and, among others, they asked him about gays in track and field. Here’s some interesting bits from the interview:

Have you met any gays on the elite level of track and field?
Some isolated cases, yes, but I am sure there are more those who wouldn’t tell. It is sad that many people perceive homosexuality as a negative thing, but it’s mostly just because they have never met anyone gay.

In my personal opinion it would have been awesome to be gay while doing what I do. You know, one gets to see a lot in the shower. Should you find someone training with you interesting, you are going to see the whole thing when you hit the showers together. So as a gay man you’d get some reward for keeping your mouth shut. (laughter)

Are you buddies with anyone gay?
No, but since my cousin came out I have had a different view of the matter. In other words, I hadn’t thought so much about being gay before. I think people just hurl around the word homo as an insult without thinking what it really means. Why should one use sexual orientation as an insult? It’s all wrong. And why should you get mad if a gay guy comes on to you, is it not the same thing if a girl you are not interested in made a pass on you? It’s a compliment no matter who it comes from.

Have you ever thought how it would feel being with a guy?
No, I have always been sure about my thing. So I’m just sorry for all the gays who fancy my looks! (laughter)

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