Alexander Lincoln Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Alexander Lincoln Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Today in Striaght Actors Who Rock Playing LGBT Characters, we bring you British cutie Alexander Lincoln who’s playing a gay rugby player in the buzzy movie In From The Side which was released last September in the UK. The film is making the festival rounds and, per wikipedia, is scheduled to be released stateside sometime in 2023.

alexander lincoln rugby hunk

If you love rugby and happens to be a member of the rainbow community, you should check it out when it comes near you. Some details about the film from IMDB: “Following a drunken encounter, two equally attached men from a cash strapped and divided gay rugby club unwittingly sleepwalk into an adulterous affair but must conceal their growing feelings or risk destroying the club they love.”

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Marco Dapper Young, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos

Marco Dapper Young, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos. While looking for celebrities to add to our post on hot men in bed, we came across this photo of an gorgeous guy chilling in bed like the Prince of Brunei. We’re like, “Damn! Who’s the hottie?”

A little digging told us that his name is Marco Dapper and that this particular photo is from a photoshoot for a magazine called Bridget Marie.

marco dapper hot in pajamas

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James Haskell Gay, Girlfriend, Underwear, MMA Fighter

James Haskell Shirtless, Underwear, MMA Career Update. Updating this post to note that, apparently, James’ ready-to-bloom MMA career never really took off because of COVID. Damn you, COVID-19! His first MMA fight was scheduled last May 2020 at the Wembley Arena but it was postponed because of the pandemic. Then he underwent surgery for his spinal chord in September 2021 which put an end to his MMA plans.

james haskell mma fighter bellator

Here’s what he says about his surgery (via BBC Sports): “I spent a year preparing for it (MMA fight) and Covid got in the way, then I had a major problem with my spine. I had to have part of a disc removed which was crushing my spinal chord. But, having had that sort of scare, I’m not sure I need to add to what I already have with my body – arthritis in my ankle and various other issues.”

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Christopher Meloni Young, Shirtless, Wife, and LGBT Ally

Christopher Meloni Young, Then, and Now. We were browsing the internets and came across this photo of our imaginary beau on Entertainment Weekly. Initially we were like, “Is that really Chris?” Turns out its really him! It’s a photoshoot he did for the September 2021 issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

chris meloni workout now - mens health magazine

Damn, we didn’t know he can split like that! He’s now 60 years old but he sure is in much better shape than all your Famewatchers combined. Oh, and here’s Chris wearing what looks like a pair of briefs-style Speedo swimsuit! Yay! [Update: He is wearing an Emporio Armani swimtrunks according to Men’s Health.]

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Ethan Hawke Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Awards

Ethan Hawke Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Awards. Let’s continue blogging about the stars of The Good Lord Bird and, for this post, let’s check out its lead star Ethan Hawke.

Ethan plays the role of John Brown who is a real historical figure known for encouraging abolitionist to employ violent means in their campaign against slavery.

It’s a show we are really looking forward to watching and we are happy to note that early reviews for the Showtime miniseries is largely positive. In fact, it currently has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes although this is likely to change as there’s only 11 reviews at this point.

ethan hawke the good lord bird

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