Levis Mens Underwear Models: The Gorgeous Sam Way … and More

Levis Mens Underwear Models: The Gorgeous Sam Way … and More. When you think of the American clothing brand Levi’s, does underwear come to mind? It does not, right? If you are like us, you would either picture images of shirtless cowboys and their blue denims or maybe you would think of those funny Levi’s 501 commercials which the denim company released several years back.

But underwear? It’s not exactly an item that one associates with the brand. Now, its obviously not at the top of their product line but Levis does make underwear for men and women. You can see it in this Levis Netherlands Underwear and Swimwear advert which features British male model Sam Way and a female model we still have to ID (if you know her, do tell us her name in the comments).

Another British model, Michael Jukes, models a pair of Levi’s boxer briefs on the runway. [Photo credit:pha-agency.co.uk]

levis male runway model in boxers - michale jukes - credit pha agency uk

German male model Martin Bergmann in Levi’s jean shorts and underwear from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2010 advertising campaign. [Want more male underwear models?]

levis mens underwear - martin bergman - spring summer 2010 ad campaign

Can you ID the male model in this Levi’s Bodywear Summer/Spring 2009 ad campaign? The girl, of course, is no other than the gorgeous Jarah Mariano.

levis bodywear 09 advertising campaign - men and women - model jarah mariano

Jarah and the hunky Asian male model wearing white Levis boxer briefs.

levis boxer briefs for men - white

Male model Erasmo Viana rocks her Levi’s boxer briefs. [Photo by Anthony Amadeo courtesy of underwearexpert.com]

levis male underwear model pic by anthony amadeo creit underwearexpert

Here’s a body-building contestant at the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion competition in his tighty whitie Levi’s briefs.

body builder wearing levis briefs - wbff- world beauty fitness and fashion

Those of you planning to buy Levis underwear online might want to go go International Jock because they’re at the top of the game when it comes to selling men’s underwear. Check out these Levi’s undies courtesy of said site:

You’re looking for sexy men’s briefs?

levis male underwear models - intl jock

Or your classic white boxers?

levis mens underwear - boxers

Or your basic black?

levis underwear model in boxers

That’s it for now, fellow UnderwearWatchers!

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