Levi Fiehler Shirtless, Girlfriend, Vintage Fashion Style

Levi Fiehler Shirtless, Girlfriend, Vintage Fashion Style. Who’s the guy rocking his pinstripe pants, pointed shoes, and loose-fitting shirt like a more muted, less colorful version of Austin Powers? His name is Levi Fiehler and the pic is from the pilot episode of The Picture which, unfortunately, wasn’t picked up to series. But the show was set in the 1960s which is why the fashion is giving a throwback swinging 60s vibe a-la Austin Powers.

Levi Fiehler hot fashion style vintage

Now, even though The Picture wasn’t ordered to series, our Levi has managed to establish himself in Hollywood and is now starring in the sci-fi TV series Resident Alien on the Syfy network. Levi plays the role of Ben Hawthorne who’s described as a charming but clueless small town mayor.

Levi Fiehler hot as ben hawthorne resident alien

More about the actor from his Syfy profile: “Levi Fiehler was born in Juneau, Alaska where he trained as an actor at Perseverance Theatre. His career took off when he booked a lead role on Fetching, which was an original series for Michael Eisner’s company Vuguru. Prior to this, Fiehler was a series regular on Ron Howard’s series, Mars, for National Geographic. Other work includes: The Fosters, Ray Donovan, Murder In The First and CSI, among others.”

Levi Fiehler Girlfriend or Wife? We have no information on the actor’s relationship status at the moment but we will update this post when we have the info. For the time being, let’s check out his relationships onscreen, shall we? First, on Resident Alien, he is married to a school teacher named Kate who is played by Meredith Garretson:

Levi Fiehler girlfriend or wife in resident alien Meredith Garretson as Kate

He was the love interest of Yolonda Ross’s character on the 2012 short movie Breaking Night:

Levi Fiehler girlfriend yolonda ross in breaking night

And he is a dog walker and love interest of the boss (played by Collette Wolfe) in the web series Fetching:

Levi Fiehler married collette wolfe in the fetching

Levi Fiehler Shirtless and Underwear Photos. We tried looking for shirtless pics of our hunky actor but, so far, the only thing we found is the one below which we capped from Breaking Night.  But we know Famewatchers are thirsty hos so we will update this post in the future when we come across more images.

Levi Fiehler shirtless in breaking night

For the time being, let’s drown in his piercing blue eyes, shall we?

Levi Fiehler gay or straight

Levi Fiehler shirtless

Levi Fiehler resident alien

Levi Fiehler hot freckles

Levi Fiehler hot actor

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