Leonardo DiCaprio Style Watch: Leather Jackets, Shoes, and Jeans

Leonardo DiCaprio Style Watch: Are you wondering about the leather jackets that our Leonardo DiCaprio wore in some of his movies? Well, this post is for you. It is not an exhaustive list of Leo’s movie leather jackets but it might help you answer some bar trivia questions. Hehe.

For instance, did you know that our Leo wore a Belstaff leather jacket on The Departed? Check it out:

leonardo dicaprio style - belstaff on the departed movie

Here’s another look at Leo’s The Departed Belstaff:

leo di caprio belstaff leather jacket in departed

Meanwhile, there was some debate among your fellow Famewatchers on whether our Leo also wore a Belstaff leather jacket on Inception. Deena and yours truly thought it is a Belstaff while Kevin and Grandma Akita insisted that its not a Belstaff. Well, it turns out that Kevin and G.A. are correct because, apparently, the Inception leather jackets were custom made for the movie.

leonardo dicaprio fashion - inception leather jacket

What is Leo’s leather jacket in The Aviator? That’s a Howard Hughes aviator leather jacket, baby!

leonardo dicaprio style - howard hughes aviator jacket in the aviator

Can you ID Leo’s leather in the next photo below? Apparently he went on a date with Lindsay Lohan and were snapped by the papz. Not sure if they were ever an item but the two were reportedly flirting in some bar back in 2009.

leonardo dicaprio lindsay lohan date

Leonardo DiCaprio Style Watch. Check out Leo wearing Los Angeles Dodgers hat. For some reason, this picture reminds us of Leo when he was a child star. There’s that joyfulness about him which he appears to have lost when he got older.

leonardo dicaprio style - la dodgers hat

Our Hollywood A-Lister is wearing a Levis Capital E Hesher Straight Leg Jeans in the photo below.

leonardo dicaprio style - jeans by levis

Below, he’s wearing a Nike Air Max+ 2009 Running Shoes. Meanwhile, his sunglasses is from the Carrera Champion collection.

leonardo dicaprio style - nike shoes carrera champion sunglasses

What’s the brand of the board shorts he is wearing below? That’s a Billabong board shorts! We’re guessing its made by an Aussie company.

leonardo dicaprio style - billabong boardshorts

Finally here’s Leo wearing a Nike Dunks SB 116 shoes while hanging out with his BFF Tobey Maguire.

leonardo dicaprio style - shoes

Leonardo DiCaprio Style Watch posted 15 January 2010. Updated 13 February 2017 to add more movie jackets.