Lee Ryan Gay, Boyfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos

Lee Ryan Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? By now you would have already heard about the news that Lee Ryan of the boyband Blue has experimented with a man under the sheets. If you’ve been living under the rock (or not a British reality TV fan), he made the revelation at the Celebrity Big Brother house on BBC’s Channel Five.

lee ryan gay or bi

Let’s have the details from Lee himself (via pinknews.co.uk): “Yeah I’ve been with a man. Everyone’s done experimental s***. I’m a well travelled person, I’ve never admitted it anywhere. No-one’s bothered to ask. I would never be in a relationship with a man though.”

Lee Ryan Gay Boyfriend? So who is the guy he experimented with? Could it be his fellow Blue singer, the now out gay Duncan James? They sure look good together in their white briefs in this photograph from Attitude Magazine.

Or could the lucky guy Lee went to bed with be fellow British singer Robbie Williams who stated back in 2004 that he’d go gay for Lee? Here’s what Robbie said about fancying his pal (via digitalspy.co.uk): “They’ve all got their appeal. But if I put my gay man shoes on for a minute, Lee is your archetypal gay’s bloke. He’s like one of those adverts you get at the back of magazines, the ones with the guys in soccer strips you can phone up and listen to them having a w**k, apparently. Well, Lee’s one of them. He is totally a gay phoneline ad.”

In response, Lee stated in an interview with MTV that Robbie is fit and gorgeous. Well, you can actually say the same thing about Lee’s physical attributes in this selfie he shared with his Twitter followers.

lee ryan blue underwear

Lee Ryan Shirtless Photos. Not a glamorous photo of Lee at the beach.

lee ryan shirtless kinda fat

Now that’s a hawt, hawt, hawt dude.

lee ryan body sexy singer

So what’s Lee’s relationship status at the moment? Does he have a girlfriend (with a boyfriend on the side)? Or a boyfriend with a girl on the side? Or is he single and ready to mingle? The answer, according to the Daily Mail, is that the daddy of two “is believed to be single”.

For the record, here are the girls he dated according to whosdatedwho.com: Emily Oldfield, Sammi Millar, Liz McClarnon, Maxine Higham, and Caprice Bourret. To make him a true blue bi celeb, his relationship list should include a boyfriend. Hehe. Want more famous bisexuals?

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