Leather Kilts on Celebrities and Models

Leather Kilts Update: Where to Buy Leather Kilts? If you are like our friend Kevin, you’d be wondering where you can buy a leather kilt. We’re pretty sure you can buy leather kilts in some stores in Scotland or Ireland. Of course, there are some online stores where you can buy them too.

Then there are designers and fashion houses which, at one time or another, included leather kilts in their menswear line. Here’s a partial list for those of you who want to check them out: Rick Owens (see photos in the earlier posts below), Bajowoo, and Givenchy.

Givenchy leather kilts is probably the most popular because Kanye West wore them at one time:

buy genuine leather kilts givenchy

And here’s a leather kilt by Bajowoo:

leather kilts for men buy at bajowoo

So in conclusion, if you plan to buy leather kilts by designers, you might want to check out Rick Owens, Bajowoo, and Givenchy.

Nathan Fillion and Vin Diesel in Leather Kilts. Hollywood actors Nathan Fillion and Vin Diesel shows the world their awesome leather kilts. Who between these two guys wore his leather kilt better?

leather kilts for men nathan fillion

genuine leather kilts for men vin diesel

leather kilts for men vin diesel

Still don’t know how to wear your kilt? Check out this how to wear kilt Youtube instructional video we uploaded earlier. Want more hot guys in kilt? Check out our post on Scottish Men Wearing Kilts.

More Celebrities and Male Models in Leather Kilts (01 November 2011). Ugh. How can we not include the Scottish hunk that is Gerard Butler in this post? But it’s better late than never, eh? Check out the Hollywood star rocking his leather kilt and his Excalibur sword.

leather kilts for men genuine gerard butler

Howdy, Gerard? You’ve got a long hard sword, huh?

Another famous guy spotted wearing leather kilt is Scottish rugby-player-turned-model Chris Capaldi. Here’s Chris at the 2008 Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show.

leather kilts for men chris capaldi

You’re rocking it, baby! Chris is the “celebrity face” of Scotch Beef. Check out the advertisements starring our Chris below.

Meanwhile, fashion designers continue to include leather kilts in their menswear collection. Here are two male models in leather kilts from the Rick Owens Spring/Winter 2012 collection.

genuine leather kilts for men rick owens

rick owens leather kilt

So there you have it! We’ll update this post again if we find more men in leather kilts.

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