Leather Jacket and Tie: Male Celebrity Fashion Watch

Leather Jacket Shirt and Tie: Male Celebrity Fashion Watch. The clothes sure make the man, don’t they? Take for instance Chace Crawford dressed in this black leather jacket. The first time we saw the photo, we were like, “Who’s the handsome man in leather?” We had to look at it several times to find out that it is the Chace Crawford himself.

sexy leather jacket for men

We’re so used to seeing him looking like a cute teen hunk so its kind of hard to recognize him now that he’s all grown up and, perhaps, ready to do all manly things :-)

Anyhoo, props to Chace for what looks like an effective transition from a cute idol that teen girls rave about to a hunk of a man you’d like to jump to bed with. Here’s another photo of our man in a vintage-inspired suit and tie get-up.

leather jacket and tie fashion style

Want more male celebrity leather jackets? Or would you rather check out the following celebrities who are rocking the leather jacket and tie combo below?


Can You Wear a Leather Jacket With Your Tie?. One of the most googled questions we’ve encountered so far is the above question obviously keyed in by those of you who are wondering whether combining leather jacket with a shirt and tie will result in a good mix. Is it good fashion or is it tacky and a no-no?

Our good friend Kevin thinks one should not wear a leather jacket with a tie because they look tacky. We disagree, it’s not tacky at all. Check out these celebrities and models wearing leather jackets with their ties and none of them look bad.

Channing Tatum in a GQ photoshoot. The shirt, tie, and leather are all from Dolce and Gabbana.

leather jacket shirt and tie

A male model in leather jacket and tie from a Dior fashion show.


Another runway model proves that combining tie and leather looks pretty good, thank you. [This ones from the Belstaff Spring/Summer 2008 collection.]

can you wear leather jacket with tie

Chris Brown looking cool in his bowtie and leather coat.

leather jacket fashion style watch

Supermodel Heidi Klum’s husband Seal rocking in jeans, leather, and (of course) tie.

what to pair with leather jacket

And, here’s Justin Timberlake looking awesome in his leather, vest, and tie get-up.

leather jacket dress shirt

So tell us, who of these guys look tacky because they wore a leather jacket with a tie? No one, right? In fact, all of them look very stylish. So go ahead and dress in a tie and leather combo.

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