Latex Leggings for Girls: Celebrities Wearing Sexy & Tight Leggings

Latex Leggings for Girls: Celebrities Wearing Sexy & Tight Leggings. What do you think of this latex leggings for girls? For some reason, it reminds us of Cruella de Vil as portrayed by Glenn Close in the 101 Dalmatian movie. The slits also remind us of women wearing burqas.

latex leggings for girls

But that’s just us, maybe you like it. But let’s have some famous girls wearing non-ripped latex leggings, shall we? To be honest, we’re kinda surprised that latex leggings are popular among mainstream celebrities. We thought only reality television famehos (hello Kim K.) and fashionistas will be into this kind of outfit but its apparently been embraced by Hollywood movie stars and recording artists.

Here’s former Disney teen star Ashley Tisdale in a shiny Kova & T Oxy Latex Leggings made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. How do you clean this outfit? Definitely not with a washing machine! You should either hand wash it or have it dry cleaned.

best latex leggings for girls

Other celebrities spotted wearing Kova & T Oxy Latex Leggings are Rihanna, Emma Roberts, and the Olsen sisters Ashley & Mary Kate.

Meanwhile Gwen Stefani, seen here with husband Gavin Rossdale, is apparently a fan of LnA Zip Back Latex Leggings. Made of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, this one should only be dry-cleaned.

latex leggings for girls gwen stefani

You may only know her as the fun teenager Lizzie McGuire but Hillary Duff has grown up to become, as described by wikipedia, an “American actress, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and author”. Hah! That’s a lot of achievements for a 24 years old, no? But we’re more interested in what tight leggings she’s wearing which, in this case, is a Tiffany Alana Latex Leggings. [Want more Hilary Duff fashion style? Check out these Bandage Dress for Celebrities.]

latex leggings for girls tiffany alana latex leggings

Look who’s wearing a sexy low-waist latex leggings from David Lerner? It’s English actress Kate Beckinsale. This David Lerner Latex Leggings is made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex. We’re definitely loving its leatherlike quality.

latex leggings for girls kate beckinsale

Want more leggings? Then check out Victoria Beckham’s stretch leather leggings and these Scala Bio Fir leggings which, according to its manufacturer, will help you finally beat the annoying cellulite that has been bugging you for some time.

Latex Leggings for Girls: Celebrities Wearing Sexy & Tight Leggings. Posted 9 October 2009.