Lady Mary Charteris Wedding Dress by Pam Hogg

Lady Mary Charteris Wedding Dress by Pam Hogg. Look who got herself an edgy wedding dress? It’s Lady Mary Charteris! Some of you may not like her dress — we’re divided her at Famewatcher with Kevin & Pim liking it while Deena and Toby think the outfit is trying too hard to be edgy — but Lady Mary deserves all the props for trying something new that is worth talking about. In terms of talk-worthiness, Lady Mary’s dress reminds us of the over-the-top but fabulous gypsy wedding dresses.

Here’s Lady Mary and her groom, Robbie Furze. Congratulations to you, newlyweds!

lady mary charteris wedding dress by pamm hogg

And here’s the bride and her dad, The Earl of Wemyss.

pamm hogg wedding dress

For those of you who are wondering, Lady Mary’s wedding dress was designed by British fashion designer Pam Hogg who has been making fabulous clothes since the 1980s but who has successfully managed to remain relevant over the years as evidenced by the fact that famous girls – like Lady Gaga, Tyra Banks, Kelly Rowlands, Rihanna, Lily Allen and more – are loving her creations.

For instance, here’s Lady Gaga looking fabulous in a Pam Hogg Fall/Winter 2010 outfit.

lady mary charteris wedding dress

But enough with the designer and let’s go back to the bride and groom, shall we? For the non-Brits among us who are like, “Who is this Lady Mary Charteris?”

Well, well, well, clueless peepz, Lady Mary Charteris is a British model and stylist who happens to be a member of the British royalty. She is the daughter of Catherine Hesketh and Jamie Neidpath (divorced since 1988), the current and 13th Earl of Wemmys (pronounced “Weemz”).

Meanwhile, Lady Mary’s new husband Robbie Furze may be more familiar to some of you, particularly those into electronic rock, because he is the vocalist for the London rock band, The Big Pink.

Mary and Robbie’s wedding held at the Stanway House in Gloucestershire was attended by several famous British celebrities like Lily Allen (check out Lily Allen’s Wedding Dress by Delphine Manivet), Florence Welch, Jaime Winstone, Sam Cooper, Jerry Hall with her daughter Georgia May Jagger, and several others.

lady mary charteris wedding dress edgy

Those white boots on the girl behind the bride is badass, no? We’d love to have a pair like that one!

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Lady Mary Charteris Wedding Dress by Pam Hogg. Posted 1 September 2012.