Lady Gaga’s Underwear: Missing Handmade Loaner Underwear

lady gaga rigby and peller underwear

Lady Gaga Underwear is Missing. Today in female celebrity underwear news, we bring you this curious case of Lady Gaga’s loaner underwear which has gone missing after it was loaned to her by a British underwear company, Rigby and Peller, which designs undies for Her Majesty The Queen.

lady gaga underwear is missing

According to news reports, the company sent seven underwear prototypes for Lady Gaga to use in a music video but she only returned three of them. Where did the other four go? Maybe Lady Gaga liked them so much she decided to keep it? Maybe it was stolen? Misplaced or lost during the flight to London? God knows what.

Says a spokesperson for the underwear company: “Obviously we were delighted that Lady Gaga wanted to use our new pieces in her next video but we did stress we needed them back in plenty of time for our press show. They are all hand-made and unique designs that are simply priceless and are not available anywhere in the world so we are really disappointed not to get them back in time for our major showcase of the year.”

The spokesperson adds, “The last we heard the underwear was still ‘AWOL’ and we are not sure when we will see them again. If we don’t get them back then it could hold up the whole production of our AW10 collection as they are the prototypes.”

rigby and peller underwear for celebrities

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lady gaga jewelry pearl

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