Lady Gaga’s See-Through Dresses: Lace, Sheer, PVC Dresses

Lady Gaga See-Through Dress Collection. You gotta give props to Lady Gaga for wearing whatever it is she wants to wear. Like this dress for instance which she wore in some event in London. Clearly, she is the new Madonna, isn’t she?

lady gaga see-through dress

Shall we take a closer look?

lady gaga see-through dress

What does she say about her controversial outfits? ‘It’s part pop show, part performance art, part fashion installation. It came about because as an artist, as a writer, as a woman, I feel I’ve evolved so much,’ she tells the Sunday Times Magazine.

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More Lady Gaga See-Through Dresses
11 July 2011

You want another Lady Gaga see-through dress? Good thing she keeps dressing herself in this fashion so here you go.

lady gaga see through blue dress

Dressed in a sexy blue see-through, Lady Gaga recently went down to Mexico City to promote her Born This Way album. She really knows how to get people interested in her outfits, doesn’t she? She makes the 80s-90s version of Madonna tame by comparison.

Our third Lady Gaga see-through dress is a beautiful lace dress. She wore this when she visited London to fulfill some engagements. For once, it looks like she’s camera shy, no? Nah, we don’t think so, we think she’s just protecting her eyes from the glare of the cameras or some blinding bright light.

lady gaga see through black lace dress

Now, this bubble dress is not really see-through, is it? Still, it’s kind of see-through so let’s include it here.

lady gaga hussein chalayan bubble dress

This is actually the first Lady Gaga dress that isn’t original. She actually ripped it off from a recent design by Hussein Chalayan which you can see on the Asian model.

Her copycat design created quite a controversy and this is what she said about the matter:

“The bubble installation was inspired by a dress Hussein Chalayan made a few years ago. I couldn’t get the dress, because it’s, like, half-a-million dollars in a museum somewhere, but I remade it and I built a piano somewhere inspired by it.”

Hmm, we love Lady Gaga and her dresses but if its true that the dress is in a museum, the better alternative for her would have been to ask Chalayan himself to make her a similar dress.