Lachlan Buchanan Shirtless, Boyfriend, and Underwear Photos

Lachlan Buchanan Shirtless, Boyfriend, and Underwear Photos. Today in Hot Australian Men, we bring you 33-year-old actor Lachlan Buchanan who is making hearts beat fast in the ABC action drama series Station 19. He plays firefighter Emmett Dixon, a recurring character on the current season of the show who gets in a relationship with Jay Hayden’s Travis Montgomery.

Here’s a screencap of the couple eyeing each other in the Station 19 shower.

lachlan buchanan gay with jay hayden - station 19

lachlan buchanan shirtless station 19

Doesn’t our Lachlan look hawt in his firefighter’s uniform?

lachlan buchanan hot men in uniform - station 19 firefighter2

He most definitely does.

lachlan buchanan hot men in uniform - station 19 firefighter

However, but he looks hotter when he’s in nothing but shorty short shorts. Haha. Look at the sculpted washboard abs of our Australian hunk. Very niiiiiccce.

celebrity washboard abs - lachlan buchanan

In an interview with, the Aussie actor talks about what he loves about his role on Station 19:

One of the things that really attracted me to the role, and what I really love about it, is that all the other characters on the show are professional firefighters. They’re heroes. They have issues, but they’re heroes. Emmett is flawed. It’s refreshing of me to see that, to see him getting panicky in intense situations or screwing things up. That’s realistic to me. Not everyone is a hero, or can be a hero. He’s struggling with his self-identity because of the way he was raised. His dad has kept him in this box, and he’s had to cover up a lot about himself.

Lachlan Buchanan Gay in Real Life: Does He Have a Boyfriend? He may be playing a closeted character in Station 19 but our Lachlan is actually out in real life. Now, does he have a boyfriend? Is he dating anybody at the moment? We do not know at the moment but we will update this post when we do find out the answer to the boyfriend question in the future. Maybe he is dating his onscreen partner Jay Hayden? Nah. Jay is straight and very much married.

lachlan buchanan boyfriend jay hayden

Lachlan Buchanan Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Apparently, he is a boxer briefs kind of guy. At least that’s what we see him wearing in this promo video for the latest episode of Station 19…

lachlan buchanan underwear animal print - station19

… as well as in this screencap from an episode of The Young and The Restless.

lachlan buchanan underwear - boxer briefs in young and restless

Let’s end this post with a shirtless Lachlan taken when he was younger.

lachlan buchanan shirtless body

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