Lace Dress for Girls: Mia Wasikowska Fashion Style

Lace Dress for Girls: Mia Wasikowska Fashion Style. Hello fashionistas, what do you think of Mia Masikowska’s flesh-colored lace dress during the premiere of her movie, Alice in Wonderland? Maybe the dress looks good when you actually see her wearing it live but, to be honest, it’s not looking good in these photos. It does not suit her at all and it actually gives her a very big head.

lace dress for girls mia red carpet

You agree, right? Please tell us we are not the only ones who are reminded of the Karen women of southeast Asia by Mia’s photo below. We know of course that having a long neck is the standard of beauty for the Karens but we don’t think this is what Mia was going for when she picked her dress which kinda highlighted her long neck.

lace dress for girls

But Mia isn’t the only star of the movie who was a fashion disaster. Check out Helena Bonham Carter who’s looking like a bag lady in her ill-conceived get-up. These people should fire there stylists.

But, to be honest, Helena can wear whatever it is she likes to wear. She’s an excellent, excellent actress who deserves an Oscar Award and we think she earned the license to wear whatever it is she likes to wear. Besides, her kooky sense of fashion enlivens the red carpet. If all female celebrities are oh-so-well-put-together when they walk the red carpet, it’s going to be a boring spectacle, right?

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Alice in Wonderland Movie Trailer – Tim Burton Film
24 July 2009

We didn’t realize Johnny Depp is starring in Alice in Wonderland until we watched this trailer. We’re happy for Johnny as it seems like he’s not running out of projects anytime soon. As we blogged about earlier, he’s also doing The Rum Diary movie and a lot of other stuff.

Anyways, this trailer for Alice in Wonderland looks great. Looking forward to watching the movie which is set for release in March 2010.

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