Kyal Marsh Underwear – Lingerie: What is Kyle Marsh Doing Now?

Kyal Marsh Underwear – Lingerie and Boxer Shorts – Kyle Marsh Update. Today in male celebrity underwear, we bring you these screencaps of Australian actor Kyal Marsh wearing a sleeveless polka-dotted women’s dress and, get this, a red lingerie for girls. You’re the man, Kyal! You’re in good company as a cross-dresser: check out Mario Lopez’s lingerie, Jack Tweed in women’s underwear, and MMA fighter Alex Reid.

kyal marsh underwear womens lingerie

Our Australian hunk Kyal eventually strips to reveal a black boxer shorts underwear.

kyal marsh underwear

kyal marsh body

kyal marsh underwear hunk

kyal marsh shirtless underwear

Want more men wearing women’s clothes?


Where in the World is Kyal Marsh?¬†What is our Kyal Marsh doing these days and where in the world is he? We ask because ever since his last television gig as a contestant and eventual winner of Cirque de Celebrit√© back in 2007, there’s no updates about how our muscled Aussie hunk is doing. But here’s Kyal in his Cirque tight Spandex.

Kyal with his Circque winner’s trophy.

According to a post in Virgin Media, our Kyal is rumored to be working as a “labourer to make ends meet” but we’re not sure if the rumor is true or not. After all, rumors are just rumors. At any rate, if it is true, he won’t be the first celebrity doing manual labor during down times when they have no movie/TV gigs going on. And if it is true that he’s working as a labourer, well, he’d be one of the hottest laborers ever, ever.

Hot damn! The guy’s a fine specimen of manhood.

Shirtless Kyal as Tarzan, we think this is from a Neighbours photoshoot.

Now, we read somewhere at the Neighbours Forum that our Kyle is in Scotland with his girlfriend as she’s reportedly studying at the University of Aberdeen. But this information is from back in 2008 so we don’t know whether the two are still there. Here’s Kyal and her girlfriend. We don’t know if they’re still an item. We hope they are because they sure look like a happy couple.

Whatever he’s doing now, we hope Kyal is enjoying it. But we still hope he comes back and do more TV work (and maybe movies, why not no?) because we want more cute guys on our television. Especially guys who appreciate their fans.

Here’s Kyal during a random encounter with a fan.

Anyhoo, since this is about Kyal and his underwear, here’s a photo of the Neighbours star in his boxers. What these guys are doing in their boxers in what appears to be a public place is something we don’t know but nonetheless appreciate. Hehe.

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