Kyal Marsh Shirtless, Tank Top Shirts, and Short Shorts Photos

Kyal Marsh Shirtless, Tank Top Shirts, and Short Shorts Photos. You’ve seen Kyal Marsh’s underwear, now check him out looking oh-so-cute in his body-hugging white tank tops.

kyal marsh hot body

And he’s got a lot of muscles too.

kyal marsh hot body

White tank top shirts are really sexy on the right man.

kyal marsh sexy hot

Now, check out Kyal’s shirtless photos. He sure is looking good and sexy in his short-shorts, eh? Want more men in short shorts? Check out our post on vintage¬†mens shorts.

kyal marsh shirtless washboard abs

kyal marsh shirtless actor

Oh,¬†we’re more than willing to make you sweat. And we’d do more than make you sweat too. And, we’d do it even if you are not a soap star. Hehe.

kyal marsh model hunk

Our handsome Kyal as the cover boy of a magazine called AXM.

kyal marsh naked in bed

Kyal honored as Torso of the Week by Heat Magazine. Come on, Heat Magazine, honor him as Torso of the Year!

kyal marsh hot body

Oh, didn’t we tell you this guy is ripped. Awesome muscles.

kyal marsh shirtless

For those of you not quite familiar with Kyal, here’s his wikipedia info: “Kyal Reese Marsh (born 16 August 1987) is an Australian actor. He was born in Clare, South Australia. He moved to Melbourne with his family when he was one year old.”

He did some acting in Australia but he eventually moved to the UK.

More about Kyal from wikipedia: “That summer he moved to the United Kingdom, and in September 2007 he was announced as a cast member for the next series of the Sky One reality show Cirque de Celebrite, which is filmed on Woolwich Common in South East London. He won the series final on 9 December 2007. According to his contestant biography for the show, Kyal’s love of extreme sports fuelled his willingness to participate in the competition, including his ability in gymnastics, which he took briefly when he was younger.”

If you know what’s keeping Kyal occupied these days, share it with us in the comments. <3

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