Kristin Davis Boyfriend Russell James, Botox, Beach Beauty

Kristin Davis Boyfriend Russell James, Botox, Beach Beauty. Today in relationship news: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up, Katie Green got herself a manther, and Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis is reportedly hooking up with photographer Russell James.

Here’s the new couple wearing identical sunglasses and smiling oh-so-happily walking around town. This is a portrait of a happy couple. Congratulations, you two.

kristin davis boyfriend russell james

Since Russell is noted for his nude photography, like the ones below, maybe we can expect some Kristin Davis au natural pics in the future. What say you, Russell? What above asking Kristin to model for artistic photos like the one below? We’re pretty sure she will rock it!

russell james kristin davis

Kristin Davis: Botox Beauty or Bad Wig Day?
13 September 2009

Kristin Davis of Sex and the City is one of the few Hollywood stars who’s praised for keeping her natural beauty but has she finally succumbed to the incessant call of The Botox? Did she do a Dannii Minogue and got herself a botox in the face as this photo suggests? Or are those creases at her hairline caused by an unfortunately placed wig as her fans claim? What say you, Famewatchers?

kristin davis botox or bad hair day

Beach Shorts for Girls: Kristin Davis at the Beach
10 December 2009

kristin davis beach shorts

Tired of our blog entries about beach shorts for men? Well, to add variety to our beach shorts entries, we’re bringing you our first ever blog post on beach shorts for women. Hehehe. We’re really not that creative are we?

Anyhoo, that’s Kristin Davis (who may or may not have had cosmetic surgery) of Sex and the City fame enjoying the sun and sand. What do you think of her multi-colored (as well as multi-flowered) beach shorts?

It’s kind of nice that Kristin and boyfriend James Russell kinda coordinated and matched their beach wear, no?

kristin davis boyfriend russell james beach

Kristin Davis Boyfriend Russell James, Botox, Beach Beauty. Posted 28 July 2009.