Kit Clarke Shirtless, Girlfriend, Rupert Everett

Kit Clarke Shirtless, Girlfriend, Rupert Everett. Looks like our guy Kit Clarke is slowly establishing himself in Hollywood. According to Deadline, he will soon be starring as Rupert Everett in an upcoming movie called Lost and Found in Paris which will be directed by Rupert Everett himself. Kit does look like Rupert when he was younger and who, if we are not mistaken, is one of the if not THE first openly out LGBT actors in Hollywood. Word is that the movie is still in pre-production so no word yet on when we are gonna see it.

kit clarke in Lost and Found in Paris as rupert

Lost and Found in Paris won’t be the first time for Kit to play an LGBT role because he was also gay in the the Italian historical drama Leonardo which is headlined by Aidan Turner as Leonardo da Vinci. Here’s Kit, as Jacopo Saltarelli, sharing an intimate moment with Aidan’s da Vinci:

kit clarke gay in leonardo with aidan turner

Finally, here are some of our young actor’s modeling photos. Did you know that he did a campaign for Emporio Armani?

kit clarke armani model

kit clarke hot male model

kit clarke gay or straight

kit clarke shirtless img model

Kit Clarke Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Get Even Hunk (21 July 2020). Today in Young Actors of Hollywood, we bring you British actor Kit Clarke who is starring in an upcoming teen crime drama series called Get Even. The show is set to premiere on Netflix at the end of this month.

kit clarke logan in get even

According to wikipedia, Kit will be playing the role of a lead actor of a student drama club at the Bannerman School which is fitting considering his leading-man good looks. Now, is his role going to be one of the good guys or is he a baddie?

Well, we’ll never know until we watch it, don’t we? But we hope he’ll be playing a baddie because baddies are typically more interesting than their goody two-shoes counterparts. Hehe. Anyhoo, here are photos of the up-and-coming actor we grabbed from his Instagram page which some of you might want to follow @imkitclarke. He sure looks good in his muscle shirt.

kit clarke hot guy in tank top shirt - age 22 years old

kit clarke hot guy in tank top shirt

Looks like out Kit just had a dip in some pool. Or maybe a river or a lake?

kit clarke shirtless in underwear

kit clarke underwear as outerwear

kit clarke underwear

As is usually the case and given his model good looks, the young actor is also a model. We learn more about him from his modeling profile on “22 year old British actor, Kit Clarke is a star on the rise. Having spent a year in New Zealand working on his uncle’s construction site, 16 year old Kit auditioned for drama school. He secured a place to study theatre at the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, before returning to London to pursue acting full time.”

Hmmm, this means we can technically say that Kit used to be a construction worker right? Anyhoo, more info from his profile: “Kit appeared in a number of independent short films before landing the pivotal role of Logan in the Netflix/BBC drama Get Even which airs in the UK on 15th February and globally later in the year. He is currently between London and Rome filming the drama series Leonardo about the turbulent life of Leonardo da Vinci.”

Too bad his bio doesn’t mention whether he has a girlfriend. Our niece Sheila is dying to know! Haha. Don’t worry Shells, we will update this post when we find out whether your new crush is single or is in a relationship with someone.

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