Kirk Norcross Gay Straight Guy in Skinny Jeans: Is Kirk Sooo Gay?

Kirk Norcross Gay or Straight and Skinny Jeans. Does Kirk Norcross have the skinniest jeans in Britain or what? We think he does. For instance, check him out wearing a pair of really skinny jeans during a red carpet appearance.

kirk norcross tight pants

Then he opted for another ball-crusher in another red-carpet affair.

kirk norcross tight pants2

Good thing Kirk has already sired a child because if he keeps wearing tight pants like this,  his sp*rm count will go down, down, and down. That’s what we learned from a doctor friend anyway. [Want more mens skinny jeans.]

kirk norcross skinny jeans

Kirk Norcross Gay or Straight? Our friend Kevin asked us to add a section about Kirk being sooooo gay. We agreed. Now, first of all, we know that the British reality star is actually straight. However, he is not averse to doing some very ghey things. For instance, he seems to love posing in his undies with other dudes. You know, like he does in these pics with TOWIE co-stars Joey Ess*x and Mark Wright.

kirk norcross gay underwear photos - mark wright and joey essex

Our Kirk also loves to go kissy-kissy with guys. For instance, check him out smooching Danny Dyer.

kirk norcross gay kiss with danny dyer

In the next pic, he also goes for a lip-kissin’ affair with Mario Falcone.

Kirk Norcross gives Mario Falcone a kiss on the lips

And then here’s our Kirk going for a mankiss with old pal Joey. We should invent a term for guys who join their nether regions like these two. Maybe we should call them Siamese cr*tch twins?

kirk norcross gay kiss with towie star joey essex

Finally, let us end our post on the Kirk Norcross gay lifestyle with this photo of him in bed with his bromance buddy Frankie Cocozza.

Frankie Cocozza and Kirk Norcross

So chocolate and wine? Those are the most effective aphrodisiacs in the world, right?


British Guy in Underwear: Kirk Norcross, The Only Way is Ess*x
07 February 2011

Look who’s wearing a pair of blue Aussiebum underwear briefs? It’s Kirk Norcross, one of the stars of The Only Way is Ess*x. It’s not clear yet whether Kirk is returning to the show which is dubbed as the UK equivalent of the United States’ The Jersey Shore. Ess*x begins its second season this coming March.

Question of the day: Do you think Kirk’s underwear photo is for real? Or is it enhanced, enhanced, enhanced?

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