Ken McNickle Underwear, Gay or Straight, Liberal Daddy: Survivor Hunks

Ken McNickle Underwear. If you google “Ken Mcnickle model” (a-la Jeremiah Wood), the search gods will churn out some gorgeous photos like this one:

Kenneth McNickle model survivor hunk

You will also get this one which shows a well-sculpted hunk in his shirtless glory!

Kenneth McNickle shirtless

Or your search will give you this Ken McNickle underwear photo. Not surprisingly, this pic is our friend Deena’s favorite. Seems like he’s wearing Papi Underwear, no?

Ken McNickle underwear model

So who is Kenneth and why are we blogging about him? Well, this looker is a contestant on Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X which is the 33rd season of the old-but-still-kicking CBS reality show. Here’s an underwear-clad Ken with his Survivor tribe mates.

ken mcnickle survivor underwear

If the pic above is any indication, it looks like we will be seeing a lot of Ken McNickle underwear scenes on the show. Yay! We won’t be surprised if Jeff Probst is saying “Yay!” too.

Now, if Ken plays the Survivor game well, we will ditch our imaginary boyfriend Eddie Cox of Caramoan and name this newbie as our new Survivor beau. Hehe.

ken mcnickle shirtless body

Meanwhile, our friends at SurvivorS*cks are debating whether or not Kenneth is a liberal daddy. Now, there is no question that our dude is liberal so the debate is whether he is a “daddy”. Since he is only 33 years old, we are on the side of those who say that he is too young to be called a daddy. Tony Vlachos, on the other hand, now that’s a daddy!

Update: On his CBS profile which we republished after the jump, we find out that Kenneth has a daughter. So, he is technically a daddy!

Is Kenneth gay or straight? Does he have a girlfriend? Is he dating anyone or is he single? We don’t know the answers to these questions at this point but we’ll update this post to give some answers in the coming days.

Photo update: Check out these vidcaps of our Ken rockin’ his blue boxer briefs during the first episode of Survivor Millenials vs GenX. We grabbed this from some dude/dudette on survivors*cks.

ken mcnickle survivor bulge

Meantime, learn more about Kenneth from his CBS Survivor profile after the jump.