Kelly Osbourne Fashion Style: Tadashi Shoji Dress

Kelly Osbourne Fashion Style: Tadashi Shoji Dress. We like Kelly Osbourne. We like this one shoulder dress by Tadashi Shoji. But we don’t like this particular combination of the dress and the person.

kelly osbourne fashion style tadashi shoji dress

But Kelly sure is blooming, no? She’s a good example of how you can get back at your cheating ex by looking gorgeous and fabulous.

kelly osbourne fashion one shoulder dress

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UPDATE ON KELLY OSBOURNE FASHION: One of you are wondering about “how much was kelly osbourne tadashi shoji dress”. The answer: We honestly don’t know the price for that particular dress but we saw a dress similar to the one above at Bloomingdales that costs a little over $800. Then, there’s always ebay where you can buy designer stuff at more affordable prices with the caveat, of course, that you should be aware of the risks when you are shopping on said site. But, as our friend Kevin who likes ebay says, there can no amazingly cheap rewards if you don’t face and navigate the risks.


Kelly Osbourne on St. Tropez Fake Tan
27 April 2010

kelly osbourne fashion st tropex fake tan scandal

Does the St Tropez fake spray tan have a slimming effect? Well, well, well, that appears to be what their advertisement featuring Kelly Osbourne, is suggesting. Not unexpectedly (and we must say, thankfully) some parents complained against the ad.

From the Daily Mail:

But St Tropez fake tan was yesterday under attack over an advertising campaign suggesting that using it makes you appear not just browner, but slimmer too.

The claim came in a video fronted by the normally pale-skinned Kelly Osbourne.

In the advert, a bronzed Miss Osbourne, 25, said having a spray tan transformed her self-image.

‘I looked healthy, I looked like 10lb skinnier, and it started to make me look at my body in a different way,’ she said. ‘It made me look at what looked better rather than what I didn’t like, and I kind of got addicted.’

So, did any of you try the St. Tropez tan and notice any slimming effect? Surely, the best way to lose weight really is diet and physical exercise not “miracle” products like this which encourage you to take an easy but ineffective yet expensive route of losing weight.

Kelly Osbourne Fashion Style: Tadashi Shoji Dress posted 16 February 2011. Updated 27 March 2017