Keegan-Michael Key Young, Hair, Shirtless, Style Watch

Keegan-Michael Key Young, Hair, Shirtless, Style Watch. Ever wondered about how Keegan-Michael Key looked like when he was younger? Well, the man does not age so he looked like what he looks like now, except of course that he’s got hair then. Here’s a young Keegan from his high school yearbook; for the record, he graduated from the Shrine Catholic High School in Royal Oak, Michigan.

keegan-michael key young high school

Next, here’s our Emmy-winning comic as a Phi Kappa Theta fraternity bro while attending college at the University of Detroit Mercy.

keegan-michael key hair when young

Other pics of a young KMK:

keegan-michael key young

Hey, did we say he’s got an Emmy? Yup, he did! He and Jordan Peele as well as their fellow producers for the Comedy Central show Key & Peele won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series in 2016. It’s kind of a crime though that they’ve won only one Emmy, no?

keegan-michael key emmy award trophies

With his pal Jordan Peele:

keegan michael key emmy trophy

Damn, did you realize he’s a nifty dresser? Heck, looking at his red carpet appearances, it would not be wrong to say that he can give Daniel Craig, with his carefully tailored Tom Ford suits and all, a run for his money.

keegan-michael key best dressed red carpet

keegan-michael key hot in suit

keegan-michael key casual fashion style

What’s Up With His Hyphenated Name? While writing this post, we had to double check whether we were hyphenating his name correctly. All this time, we’ve been thinking he’s got a hyphenated last name but he’s actually got a hyphen in his first name.

keegan-michael key hot bald guy

He tells us the story behind his hyphen in an interview with “My mother wanted to name me “Michael,” but my dad thought that everyone would call me ‘Junior’ (Key’s dad’s name is Michael). They looked in a baby book, saw ‘Keegan’. Then dad had the brilliant, simply brilliant, idea to use both. So now there’s not an official document in the world that my name fits in.”

So there you go! Consider yourself educated here at Famewatcher! Who says we are only about hunky shirtless celebrities and whether they wear boxers or briefs? Oh wait, speaking of shirtless celebs, here are some of Keegan-Michael’s:

keegan-michael key shirtless

keegan-michael key shirtless stripper in playing house

keegan-michael key shirtless body

We can’t find any pic of him in his underoos but we found the next best thing: short shorts!

keegan-michael key underwear

Keegan-Michael Key Gay or Straight. He is straight and very much married to wife Elisa Pugliese. They tied the knot in 2018. Here’s a photo from their wedding:

keegan michael key wedding to elisa pugliese

And here’s the couple attending the Emmy Awards:

keegan michael key wife elisa pugliese

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