Kaysar Ridha Shirtless Big Brother Fan Favorite

Kaysar Ridha Shirtless Big Brother Fan Favorite. Let us continue blogging about Big Brother hunks from the reality show’s early seasons, shall we? If you missed our earlier post on Jason Guy aka the Big Brother Virgin who is now a WESH news anchor, then go check out the link.

Anyhoo, fellow Famewatchers, say hi to fan favorite Kaysar Ridha who was a house guest on the 6th and 7th seasons of the CBS reality show. He is coming back on the upcoming 22nd edition of the show which is scheduled to start today.

kaysar ridha big brother 22 hunks

Caveat: We gotta admit that we did not actually watch Kaysar’s seasons when it aired on TV. From what we gathered though, he is a big fan favorite and is one housemate that the denizens of Reddit are most excited to see return in Big Brother All Stars 2.

kaysar ridha hot muslim big brother

According to our friend Deena, who did watch Kaysar on TV, the guy is strategic, is socially adept, is fun to watch, and looks good shirtless. Yay.

kaysar ridha body big brother

Since Famewatcher is the House of Thirsty THOTs, we are all for Kaysar chucking off his shirt on our TV set. Here are some screencaps of his shirtlessness from his previous seasons.

kaysar ridha shirtless body big brother 22

kaysar ridha shirtless body big brother daddy

Oh wait, there’s more. Here’s a GIF we made from a video we found on Twitter featuring Kaysar drying himself off with a hand towel. Will he give us similar clips in the new season? We are keeping our fingers crossed that he does. Hehe.

kaysar ridha shirtless body muslim big brother 20 hunk

Kaysar Ridha Girlfriend or Wife? So what’s Kaysar’s relationship status at the moment? Is he single and you can openly thirst over him? Or is he married and you have to secretly thirst over him in deference to his wife. Well, thirsty ho, we’re afraid you have to do your thirsting in secret because the guy is very much married.

According to a poster on the Fans of Reality TV forum, Kaysar got married last 2014 to Haseena Qudrat who, at the time, was a Professor at The American University in Kabul, Afghanistan. Here’s a photo from their wedding which we grabbed from said forum:

kaysar ridha wedding to wife Haseena Qudrat

kaysar ridha wife Haseena Qudrat

And here are more recent photos of Kaysar and Haseena from her Facebook and his Instagram page (follow him @kaysar_ridha).

kaysar ridha wife or girlfriend

kaysar ridha haseena qudrat - wife

Haseena is now based in the U.S. and is involved in a project called Afghan Dreamers according to a 2013 news story from the Christian Science Monitor.

Kaysar Ridha Work Update. He continues to do graphic design and, according to his website (kaysarbydesign), he heads the product design department of an e-marketplace called zbooni.com.

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