Kayne Lawton Gods of Football: Gay or Girlfriend?

Kayne Lawton Gods of Football: Gay or Girlfriend? We really should thank Armani underwear model David Beckham for paving the way for men in sports, like Australian footballer Kayne Lawton, to also embrace their “inner model”. But then again, if we go back to them olden days, weren’t the Greek male athletes the first models ever? So maybe we shouldn’t attribute too much credit to Beckham but to thank the Greek gods instead.

kayne lawton gods of football

Anyhoo, here are some Kayne Lawton Gods of Football modeling photos. He was featured in this year’s Gods of Football caldendar or Dieux du Stade 2009.

He comes across as truly “godly” so keep your fingers crossed that this Aussie hottie will be featured in more future editions of the calendar.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, rugby players like Kayne have the best bodies in sports. Okay, maybe gymnasts and swimmers have great bodies too but, when it comes to team sports, nobody beats rugby players.

Here’s Kayne playing rugby on the pitch — by the way, is the rugby playground also called a “pitch” like in football?

kayne lawton muscles

Them rippling muscles are awesome.

Kayne Lawton Gay or Girlfriend? Is Kayne Lawton gay or straight? He is straight. And he is currently in a relationship. Kayne Lawton’s girlfriend is Jamie Allen. Check them out:

kayne lawton girlfriend jamie allen

Kayne Lawton and Jamie Allen sittin’ on a tree… what a lovely couple. They sure look good together.

According to the French Footy blog, Jamie runs a successful Australian-made bikini company called Jaymes Swimwear.

Let us end this post with more Kayne modeling photos, shall we? Here’s one of our favorite images of our Aussie hunk.

Now those are fantastic washboard abs, baby. What workout routine does our rugby player slash model do to get them sculpted six pack?

kayne lawton body

Kayne in white Speedo swimwear.

Kayne Lawton Gods of Football: Gay or Girlfriend? Posted 9 February 2009. Updated 13 May 2017.