Katy Perry Fashion Style: Armani Prive, Prada Sunglasses, Bikini

Katy Perry Fashion Style: Armani Prive, Prada Sunglasses, Bikini. For sure you want more celebrities wearing Armani Prive, don’t cha? Well, here’s California Gurls singer Katy Perry looking gorgeous in her fabulous Armani Prive dress at the recent Grammy Awards.

katy perry fashion style armani dress

The exposed bra should look tacky but it actually looks elegant and classy. We can’t believe we’re saying that an “exposed bra” in a very public event classy but this totally. You agree, right? For sure, Katy’s carrying her outfit pretty well.

katy perry armani prive

Katy with husband, British funnyman Russell Brand. They are looking good together; early married life must be treating them well.

katy perry fashion armani prive

Katy joins our list of female celebrities who rock their Armani Prive dresses which, so far, includes Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lopez.

Katy Perry Fashion Style Update: Animal Print Dress
12 October 2010

katy perry animal print dress

This is American singer Katy Perry’s version of the popular animal print dress. Okay, its not literally an animal print dress but a dress with some animal pictures. It may not be as dramatic as your regular animal print dresses but we like how it’s pretty cool to the eyes.

katy perry fashion leopard print

Is our Katy looking a little bit like Madonna in the photo above? Now that she’s got a British boyfriend, heavens forbid that she develops a faux British accent like Madonna during her early Guy-Ritchie years.

Want more Katy Perry fashion? Then check out her West Ham corset lingerie. Now, if you want more of of the singer’s sauciness then you should check out our post about Katy Perry stripping in San Remo.

Katy Perry Fashion Watch: Prada Postcards Sunglasses
15 January 2010

katy perry prada

Today in celebrity designer eyewear, we bring you Katy Perry (aka The Future Mrs. Russel Brand) wearing a pair of Prada Postcards sunglasses. We wonder what she is so happy about? Probably her upcoming wedding with Russel Brand?

katy perry fashion prada sunglasses

Bikini Babes: Katy Perry and Rihanna in Barbados
23 October 2009

katy perry fashion swimsuit

Are these two hitmakers – Rihanna and Katy Perry the new BFFs of Hollywood? It sure looks like it if we go by these photos.

Katy Perry in a two-piece bikini swimsuit.

katy perry bikini two piece

Rihanna in what may be called a swimsuit dress or something.

katy perry fashion bikini

Wouldn’t it be fun if these two are actually playing beautiful music together. Hey girls, is there any kissing going on under the umbrella between you two?

Katy Perry Fashion Style: Armani Prive, Prada Sunglasses, Bikini posted 22 February 2011. Updated 27 March 2017.